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Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Roundup 20061114

It's that time again. Pull up a chair, unwind and let me assail you with a few of the bright burning lights of the Roman Candle we call the MS Blogosphere. You know, it is so much easier to rifle through the experiences, hopes, dreams and triumphs of others than to try to fabricate your own. Of course, when you get into the electronic peeping-tom habit of living vicariously through the blog-lives of others, it highlights the things in your own life that you may take for granted, or initially thought were really insignificant. For example, Stephen over at One Life (Two Buddahs for the old-timers) is transitioning from ESpace to MeatSpace (not the VideoDrome meatspace, but the act of dealing with people w/o a keyboard as the medium) in his working environment. The life-style change is one very effective way of keeping snapping jaws of MS at bay. One thing my karate instructor told me (after popping me in the mouth with a high-punch) was that the best way not to get hurt is to 'Not be there'. Great advice, wish him luck with his paradigm change.

Once again, Vicki posts some exceedingly good material pointing out Yoga resources. And, of course, along with that particular type of physical exercise, there is the Tai Chi branch that Miss Chris is trying out too. Either way, it's good to keep active. Of course, if you are an utter maniac, you could go for the royal flush (no, not you Linda, honest!) and do the Karate/Tang Soo Do/Tae Kwan Do route. Not for the timid or those with awful balance such as myself. But hey, I'm a bit on the crazy side and there are mats on the floor (and walls ... and doors ... hey, is this an insane asylum!? I'm wearing a white jacket with belts and straps!). Oh, and while we are on the subject of tumbles, it looks like Karyl in Colorado took a bit of a spill and found herself at the mercy of her cats for a good while. Let her challenge be an example of patience and humility for us all. Personally, I'm going to make sure that I try to put on a nice heavy overcoat before letting the hounds out in the evening. I could find myself at the mercy of the circling buzzards should the Mrs not wake for a few hours while I bide my time in the back-50. I'm sure the Cybernetic Hounds would tend to me for that time but I'm not up for testing the 'Three Dog Night' sleeping arrangement.

And on to new business. Through my internet browser travels, I've come across a few blogs (new to me) that could use a spotlight. First off, Michael posted his url at Karyl's and he is dealing with the unpleasant cruft that comes with being a recently diagnosed MS sufferer. Sometimes, the people that you need the most cannot help you. Also, sorting through all the treatment options can be quite unpleasant and sometimes just plain dangerous. He's fairly young, active and, like many of us, just starting out in his new life. Now the next two I've gleaned from both BrainCheese and Jamie's blogs. PJ, who is a prolific commenter at BrainCheese's place just opened up shop at an 'over 50' community. You can sign up to comment, but you will need to lie about your age. I went from 38 to 50 in just a few seconds. Ugh. She just put up a very interesting post about silver wear, dogs, and compromising positions. Then there is Wendy who was just diagnosed about a week ago. Let her know that it's a beginning and not an end. For me, and I say this honestly, I believe that MS actually made me a better person. No, really. It FORCED me to re-evaluate what was important in my life and what I should not be taking for granted. Life is hard sometimes, but all suffering is not necessarily bad. Let's just hope that any suffering we are all subject to will be amply rewarded by the choices we are required to make. Sorry for the somber tone, but you just cannot joke about everything all the time. Mostly. Aw hell, who am I kidding. Remember folks, when you take a tumble or find yourself wedged in a dish-washer, just laugh heartily. For if you don't someone else will! Probably in the comment section.

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