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Thursday, November 09, 2006



Okay, zip happened over the course of the last 24 hours. Nothing out of the ordinary ... not even a profound or semi-interesting thought. Well, I did hear a quip about 'Even if it will be wiped away, build it anyways'. Poignant, but not very original ... like that has ever stopped me before. I suppose I'm just being a bit recidivist today. My head, toe, ankle and shoulder are all a bit 'ouchie' today, causing me to languish in a puddle of self-pity and meaningless melancholy. I mean, jeeze. It's sunny out, not very cold at all (its damn near 60 here) meaning that I still don't have to turn on the heat yet ... saving money on the utility bill for the Mrs. Must be that silly seasonal light deficiency disorder syndrome thingie. Naw, I'm not buying it. I'm a programmer and as a mushroom, I flourish in the dark, damp dungeons of memory addresses and obscure dereferenced pointers. I think I know what it is. Things have been so good in my personal life of late, I'm expecting the 'Vengeance of the Universe' to befall me. Hmph, at least my plumbing isn't blowing septic all over the manor and the electric did not cut out after all that rain. Either I've been in a pit so long I don't know what normal life is like or I'm a hopeless curmudgeon. I'll bet a bottle of shiraz tonight will aptly apply an attitude change. I'll bet it'll help me with my agility and dexterity issues too, ya think? :)

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