White Lightning Axiom: Redux: New month, new outlook ... pttthhhh

Thursday, November 02, 2006


New month, new outlook ... pttthhhh

We are back on schedule now that the night of the living candy zombies is over. Since Wednesday is the off night, we only go swimming with a 45 minute swim lesson starting at 1745. Of course, this is the level 3 swim course and I'm thinking that it may very well be the LAST swim lesson that the kids will be enrolled in. Alexis is all of a slender 30 odd pounds and they are now required to swim in the lap pool. They are being taught proper technique for the different strokes and how to breath properly for the 'front crawl'. Okay, that pool is full of ice bergs and is kept that way for the larger adults who go full tilt. Do you know how much you sweat when you swim? Well, for Alexis and Jake to keep their core temps above cryogenic hibernation levels, they would have to be going full tilt too. Not happening. So with her teeth chattering and quivering blue lips, she crawled out of the pool and did her passive resistance act. No response to requests, no action taken in face of hostile forces. Just wrapped up in a towel and squatted at the edge of the pool in solitary repose. Jake was not doing any better, but he has daddy's antifreeze for blood and only noticed the cold when he saw his sky blue sister. Even the instructor was shivering. You know, I'm not expecting the Tyrants to beat Mark Spitz's records by the time they hit 1st grade. They understand the strokes, they just need practice and frankly, they need to enjoy it. This was not enjoyable.

To frustrate me even more, some jackass in a Buick had parked their land yacht right up against the wall where the handicap ramp is at the front door. Why do these fickle twits think that it is a parking spot. The car in question has no plates or tags to indicate it. Who are these 'people' and why are their heads made of cinder blocks!? So, the Tyrants and I have to walk into the traffic lane to get around the illegally parked vehicle to get to the SuperSaturn. One more incident like this and I'm going to start carrying around some RDX/C-4 to clear out these vermin. That, or some strongly worded notices (the UN way of doing things) with threats of more strongly worded condemnations. I wonder if North Korea is willing to sell some small tactical nukes to me.

Speaking of oblivious actions, There was an accident on the way to work this morning. Looks like someone was changing lanes in the middle of an intersection and ran someone into a phone pole who was making a right hand turn into the 2 lanes of traffic. Both people are at fault there if my assumption is correct. This is why I never turn right on red if I can see traffic coming. You are not supposed to change lanes in intersections, but it happens all too frequently for my comfort. Nope, call me Nervous Nelly, but I don't need that kind of excitement in my life. Yeah, I think tracking gasoline prices is heart-racing ... my Mrs will never need to worry about me burning the candle at both ends.[+/-] show/hide the rest of this post

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