White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Happy Enemy Bird Day

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Happy Enemy Bird Day

It was a rocky start at the beginning of our 4 hour cruise to the FOB, but after a few daisy cutters and a judicious helping of pulse plasma cannons, we managed to pound through all the crazies on the turnpike. Of course, there was only one way to make sure so we nuked em from orbit before doing a fast descent at 1930 hours. The hounds were happy to get out of the back of the Family Tank and the Grandparents were happy to be let out of the locked cloak-room.

Normally, I would be a bit more witty about this, but I'm in a serious food coma right now. On TDay proper, the Mrs and I slept in a bit, watched the Macy's Day parade and the usual Philly Dog show afterwards. Only then did I able out into the cold afternoon air with the hounds. One of the back-woods neighbors was out stacking firewood so I ambled over to have a short man-talk with him. He had just finished hunting and got his first buck on day one. We talked about venison sausage, dogs, hunting and wood stoves. It was the best conversation I've had in a long while. Made my day, it did. On the walk back through the woods and through the gully back to the fortified FOB on the banks of Haupertonain Creek, I paused to think a bit about things I should be thankful for. I really don't do that as often as I should. Frankly, I should probably do it every time I manage to walk away from one of my commutes. Fortunate for the likes of me, we have a day set aside specifially to think about it. I guess things like The Tyrants, Over Achiever Grandparents, Absurdly Affectionate Mrs and a Job with a short commute and 401k matching should top the list. And the Internet ... and the Manor, the Swim club, karate, surviving a car wreck with nary a scratch, other-worldly good health would follow that up. Of all things, I should consider above all the obvious benefit of God's influence in my life. I have no other way to explain how I have not buried myself by now. That, and all of you avid bloggers out there who egg me on to keep on keeping on. Here is a Happy Thanksgiving day wish for all you and your family. May God's grace shower down upon you in the buckets that I am blessed with.

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