White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Halloween 2006

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Halloween 2006

Well, that was fun. There was no swimming or karate for the kids last night. Instead, we played on the mile-long driveway till the sun went down and the spooks came out. Jake was 'Thomas the Tank Engine' again this year. I have no problem with that. We paid a billion dollars for that flimsy sheet of colored foam, might as well get as much use out of it as possible. Alexis went as Sleeping Beauty. I alway find that odd though. Her outfit is actually some play clothing she was given by either my Big Little Brother or one of the Fawning Grandparents. Either way, it was available and easy to ensconce her within. One of these years, I'll convince her to go as Wednesday Adams. I don't think Jake would make a good Pugsly so the whole lot of us going out as a theater troupe will probably not do. Not sure who could possibly be Lurch.

The Mrs and the Tyrants go out to spread havoc about the surrounding countryside as I stay at the Manor and take pot-shots at passing hordes of begging urchins. It's ok, I'm only using black-powder and jaw-breakers as shot. In spite of my best efforts, about a score of costumed miscreants made it all the way to the front portcullis. Now I need to figure out what I'm going to do with 20 bushels of candy we have left over. We are smart enough to get hard candy so we cannot be tempted to eat the whole lot. We should be able to dispose of it by next Halloween. A dozen reloads and a few hours later, the Mrs returns with the exhausted ones in tow. They apparently enjoyed the pillaging and burning of villages and had a great quantity of booty to show for it. Along the way, one of the local police SUV cruisers stopped them. The officer was a female and she had no defense against Jake's charms so ended up handing over her goodies and phone-number for him. Later on, the kids encountered a hovel where the occupant was dressed in the outfit shown in the movie 'Scream'. Apparently, Alexis almost called it quits right then and there. She is not entirely kosher with surprises of that nature. The man was lucky she did not demonstrate her strong survival skills. Next time, she may just call in a close air strike - fire on this position for full effect. That, or "Nuke 'em from orbit, it's the only way to be sure.". It would occur to me that it would be something she would say ... and do. I wonder if she will name the 1st Orbital Combat Platform after me. Heh, the HSS Mdmhvonpa. But I digress ... Jake, when seeing this apparition, was unfazed and remarked that "I'm a man and I not scared!'. Well then! A bit of confidence and a stiff upper lip will get you pretty far, my boy. Just make sure to have the 'Big Stick' to follow through. That, or have a sister willing and able to cudgel your opponents into submission.

Speaking of blunt force trauma ... I was listening to public radio the other day. Yeah, it hurts. Anyways, they were reporting that there is a massive food poisoning incident occurring in South Carolina and Pennsylvania. Hundreds of reported cases with scores being hospitalized. Nice! I'll wager there were thousands like myself and the Mrs who did not report it. Apparently, the source is unknown, the consumables affected could not be determined and the was no specific grocery or restaurant known to be the distribution point. WTF! For all we know, it could be the water. Disease control, if done properly, is a good thing. If we cannot handle another outbreak of contaminated food (green onions, spinnach), how are we going to deal with H5N1 or SARS!? ARGH! With that, here are some pics from the Fall-Season-Candy-Day outings:
BTW: Notice all the green we still have here in Pennsyltucky? Where is all the snow? HAH! East Coast Rulz, West coast is snow-bound.

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