White Lightning Axiom: Redux: FRIDAYYYYYY!!!! ... and monday.

Friday, November 10, 2006


FRIDAYYYYYY!!!! ... and monday.

Quick recap of the weekend, including Friday. There were a whole raft of accidents this weekend. The first one was on the way to work in the morning. It had somehow come about 180 degrees and was blocking one lane in the west bound traffic. Just that car. The police had not arrived yet so the blinking , flashing pretty-pretty lights had not seduced the rubber neckers as of yet. The one in the afternoon included a school bus. The Buick (why is it always a Buick!?) was pretty much demolished. The bus hit it right on the side at a pretty good clip. This was about 1615 in the afternoon so I assume that there were no children on board. Still, I was gripping the rosary quite tightly till I passed it. There were several news helicopters circling like the buzzards they are and the Tyrants were out in the exercise yard watching them. If it is a transport vehicle, Jake loves it. Either that, or they were contemplating their own version of a mechanized calvary. We headed off to swimming which was in the other direction. Of course, this is just past where we saw an accident Thursday night. Sand was still thick in the intersection. After swimming, we TRIED to go to karate only to find that the closure of the road where the bus had plowed the car (which, by the way was obviously in the wrong) had forced massive overflow traffic onto my alternate route. Took us 30 minutes to get to Karate. Not fun. Peculiar thing about this is that I was talking to a school bus driver the other night. Her child is a black-belt at the same school and she happens to know 'Family Friend Pete'. Anyways, she was saying that the one turn I take to get to work goes past the base and the bus depot and there seems to be an accident THERE every week. I have yet to see one though. Everywhere but there. Fates, they are wicked in intention.

Saturday, it's a slow day. I had a dentist appointment at 0800 which got me out and about quite early. Since I was in the area, I also got one of my quarterly buzz-jobs at the Air-base barber shop. I did not have to wait long, just two personnel from the base there ahead of me ... it was a very opportune time to show up. Spent the rest of the day messing about with the kids and then accepted a lunch invite from Gus and Irene from across the street. The Tyrants adore them. I think that Gus and Irene really enjoy the attention too. I spoke to Gus for quite a bit about various topics of the day and we all had a fairly good time. While there, we were waited upon by a wisp of a girl by the name of Dawn. Nice enough young lady ... Jake was enamored enough to work some of his charms on her too. Apparently, she saw some of her own family in our gathering. The Mrs told me that the girl is half Chinese and half German/Hungarian who's father was apparently a military man. My recent haircut and how much Alexis reminded her of her younger self was striking enough to get her to reveal all these details to the Mrs. Strange, we seem to run into the nicest people at Bartuccis. Must be the residual psychic energy from when I proposed to the Mrs in that very restaurant nearly 12.5 years ago now. Sunday: Well, it's Sunday School, of course. Then shopping at Wegmans and BJ's. The Mrs insisted that she come along this time so we don't need to take out a home equity loan to pay for the groceries. I tend to get carried away when shopping for food. I guess it would help if I ate something before going out. But than again, where is the fun in that!

We had a party to attend for on of the Tyrants' Subjects/ClassMates later in the afternoon. It was at a local Chuck-E-Cheese duplicate establishment about 200 meters from where the DayCare/ReEducation/Interment Center is located. I was very surprised about this place. I've driven past it multiple times and only gave it a passing thought. They had limited coin games (good, I hate them things) but the ball-pit and jungle gym was pretty good ... and they had a moon-bounce which occupied the kids for a good while. They also have batting cages and such for the older kids so I think we may be coming back for more visits. The Mrs and I even talked about having the Tyrant's 5th birthday party there. Close to us and it's in a place that all their classmates are familiar with.

The last chunk of the day was dedicated to home improvement. The Mrs and I finish the wall paper in the master suite. It looks pretty good if I do say so myself. I just need to put up the molding and the chair rail and we'll be pretty much done. Then I can focus on Jake's room. I can be such a slacker about these things. Perhaps I should get down to it tonight. We'll see.

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