White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Coil, Mortal, Tightly wound

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Coil, Mortal, Tightly wound

Last Thursday was the date of my previous dissertation. I've fallen behind ... sorry. Well, in my defense, I've finally been fully welcomed into the fold at work and introduced to a new task ... core dumps in Spain. This should be different. That's all I'll say about that ... 'The segmentation fault in Spain falls mainly in the malloc-memset'. But enough about me, let's catch up on the going's on in the Haupertonian Manor and our quest for total world domination. Thursday night at the Swim club granted me another illegally parked vehicle in the Ramp Access ... and this time I have a pretty good idea that it was a woman ... her purse was still in the seat. Not too bright since I could plainly see that the doors were unlocked. She even left the flashers on to indicate that she would not be long. Good for anyone needing to use the ramp for it's actual purpose. You know, so they can squeeze down the remaining space and leave a 10 foot scratch along the side. Yeah, temptation is horrible. The kids enjoyed swimming since they did not have any lessons. They took some advice from me, we did a few laps and then engaged in horse-play for the rest of the evening. Steph the lifeguard was there so she got in the pool and goofed off with the Tyrants for a bit. They nearly dunked her twice, but were a bit more tender with her than me.

The morning traffic was a blast though. A little accident a few meters up the road for from the previous one made east bound traffic a mess in the morning. Good for me that I was proceeding to the west. I'm still making good time though. My worst time is about 22 minutes. I can live with it. The evening rush hour is a bit easier though ... must be my 1600 hour departure time. I asked the Mrs to come on over to Karate because I believed that Alexis may get her 1st stripe ... but alas, she got stage fright and was unable to perform. Such is the fickle winds that blow from the petulant lips of fate ... she must be a real kill-joy at parties. One interesting thing about that ... the instructor informed me that I was scheduled to come in on Saturday morning for a test. Say what wha? A test? Oh, ok ... sure.

Long story short, I show up at friggen 930AM for what I thought would be a simple examination of the 3 forms that I knew ... at noon, I crawl out of the building with a crisp new yellow belt. HOLY CRAP THAT WAS HARD! I don't think I had worked out that hard in YEARS. Sure, I swim for an hour every night and do TSD for another hour ... but having to go for 2 hours of straight calisthenics and such was a shock to the system. The pain and soreness did not really settle in till late Sunday. Ah, yes Sunday. I did not do much on Saturday afternoon. Gas up the Super Saturn at $2.07/gal USD, pick up 2 weeks worth of dog-dip in the back yard (with the mrs ... we have the best dates) and mow the back 50 to get all the leaves up. Sunday, well, I went to church/Sunday-school with the kids .. then went shopping with the Mrs and Tyrants at our new Wegmans. That was it. Even that little was nearly beyond my means. I had planned to mow the front yard, but was unable to muster enough moxie to actually get the mower started. I was pathetic as a lame kitten. Not that the Tyrants took much notice of my incapacity. Nope, no mercy for the downtrodden.

Monday: Hunt down memory leaks at work, go swimming, go to TSD practice. One thing I did notice is the dribble of hot water that was coming out of the spigot in the Tyrant's Royal Bathtub fixture. Something is blocking the water and I'm guessing it's some calcium that has broken loose from within the pipes. I'll have to get our plumber to come in and remedy the situation before next Monday. That's the date when we get our tub/shower liner installed and after that, all bets are off. We did have Fred install the Mowen faucet in that tub to start with so he should have no problem. I hope. The Mrs and I are using that shower so having a moderate amount of water pressure would be nice ... so we could share. As it stands, we only have a broadcast spray angle of about 2 inches. By the time this morning came around, the pressure only dropped ... all the other spigots and faucets in the Manor are at normal velocity so I know this will probably involve a torch and some copper. Fun times.

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