White Lightning Axiom: Redux: catching up

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


catching up

Mkay, this is going to be quick. No goofy nonsense. Just the facts Mam'. Things like taking my kids to vote at 0700 yesterday will, of course, have to be elaborated on. We were there a few minutes before the polls opened so we got to wait in the cold for about 5 or 10 min. I did not pay much attention to the ballots, but I'm fairly sure we have the electronic (paperless) variety. Alexis picked who would be her future Reps/Senators so she knew who to overthrow and Jake hit the submit button. Practice for that big red button in the oval office. Would you like to play a game? Boom. It was a good lesson about civics for them. In the end, I told them that this was how we picked who was going to be our police, firemen and tax collectors. If you think about it for a few minutes, it's actually true.

Later on in the day, we got in contact with our plumber, Fred. Good guy. Even if he votes on the other side of the ballot. We had a talk about that and we pretty much fish in the same stream with our principles ... He is just upset that he cannot vote in the Republican Primary as well as the Democrat one. I did not have the heart to tell him that it is like voting for the President of the Kiwanis Society when you are a member of the Free Masons. You gotta be in the club and you can only pick one. Aside from politics, he figured out why the hot water was cutting out on various access points throughout the Manor. The 'Dip Tube' (no joke, that's the name of it) was corroding in the hot water heater and the bits were being picked up and clogging the faucet filters. Cold water will be ok, but the hot water heater will need to be replaced some time soon. As the tube breaks down and disintegrates, we will have more of these issues as well as diminishing efficiency of the heater. Good thing I did not opt for the HVAC replacement this year. Maybe I should get one of those smaller, on demand type tanks. Or even, a tankless one! Hmmm, even less gas use ... more savings, better for the environment? Or even, a solar water heater. No, you know what, I think I'll stick with my hydrocarbon based unit but look into a more efficient reality based installation.

After the bad news from the plumber (piping and politics), I did the evening drill of swimming/tsd with the Tyrants and then abandoned them at the end of class so I could go see the Dermatoligist. The Mrs, being ever observant, thought that some of the moles on my back need to be investigated. I guess after 10 years, she is starting to get attached to me and wants me to stick around for a while. With all the bad news being delivered on this melancholy Tuesday, I thought I would be tempting fate by asking if I had any cancer spots. I lucked out. The Dr said I had wonderful, well shaped moles and not very many of them. Just a lot of sun freckles on my shoulders. And for those two nasty and quite annoying warts on the soles of my feet ... a prescription of hot acid magma to burn them out. Fun. About as fun as the awful morning rain. Fall in SouthEast Pennsyltucky ... it's like draining an infected cyst without all the fun.[+/-] show/hide the rest of this post

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