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Monday, October 09, 2006


Weekend Redux: 2006100706-08

Once again, my prissy little waif of a daughter has hit me in the broadsides with a full cavalcade of antisanity shoot. Her newest phrase of preferences is :"So Long Suckers!" NICE! I'm not sure where little miss manners picked it up from, but I'll wager it was that damn TV. Probably got a helping of Ed, Edd and Eddy on the cartoon network. Urk. Parenting can be so easily undermined.

I slept poorly the entire weekend. This damn cold is really plowing me under. Sleeping even under the influence of coma inducing pharmaceuticals is not restful and I end up waking anyways to clear the 55 gallon drums of sputum and mucus from my airways. Bleh. Even so, I spent a bit of time chopping wood and moving the remaining rounds into one pile so the Mrs can park the FamilyTank V2 in her designated docking bay. The Mrs runs off to do a bit of shopping with Jovial Jake while I diddle about with Lawn work and keeping an eye on Alexis. Never know when she is going to run into the garage and grab my 6ft chainsaw. The nice thing about looking after Alexis is that she will listen to requests (like; don't play in traffic please) and she will try to keep you within her line of sight (ergo; my line of sight). She did not go after the hammer this time so I manage to keep her out of the emergency room. We had an appointment later on in the day that a visit to the local cloning ward would have caused us to be late. At about 1900 hours, we found ourselves at Family Friend Pete's house where Jake and Alexis gleefully played in the basement when not running up to the kitchen to munch on salty snacks, sweets and pizza. I drank a bottle of Port and went to sleep on their living room floor in front of their wide-screen HDTV. Niicceee. I was not alone mind you. Alexis had fallen into a peaceful slumber around 0100 next to her best friend in the world, Brittany. She absolutely adores Pete's daughter. I might be able to use that weakness against Alexis next time we are locked in mortal combat. We got home at roughly 0200 and shuffled the Tyrants into their detainment cells. It was going to be an early morning too since we needed to be at Sunday School by 0930 for the first day.

And yes, it was a rugged morning. We managed to shove 5 pancakes into each of the Tyrants as they sluggishly bumbled about in zombie mode. And at the class, they acted exactly as I expected. Jake IMMEDIATELY started to harass the teacher by grabbing at her arms and kissing her at every opportunity. Alexis was like a full-body Velcro suit ... not even a crow bar could get her off me. Oddly enough, she started to participate only 30 minutes into the session. This bodes well for my plans of ever going to Mass again. It was a fairly benign class. No detailed plans on how to launch a 2nd Crusade or initiation into a dark cabal that has the primary goal of dispatching every ACLU member. Nope, just the standard 'Jesus loves children' homily and lots of arts-n-crafts. Alexis and Jake were tops when it came to making the sign of the cross. Sooo, after class was done at 1100, we ran off to the supermarket to pick up some celebratory donuts and flowers for the Mrs. The flowers were my idea, but the kids picked out the ones that were just right. Pink from Alexis and Red from Jake. Because, you know, those are Mommy's favorite colors.

The rest of Sunday was spent on laundry, pulling tomato and bean plans, planting 12 trees (only 2-3 feet tall) and putting in the fall bulbs. The Mrs was a big help with the planting. I dug the holes and she put in the trees/bulbs and the potting soil. There was much-too-much for me to do alone and there is still a mountain-range of dog poo to clean up. Yeah, the lawn did not get mowed. Perhaps I can black-mail Amish-Dad into doing it when he comes down.[+/-] show/hide the rest of this post

Oh, did I mention that gas is now $2.19/gal USD?

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