White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Weekday Malaise

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Weekday Malaise

Mkay, I've got zip. The price of gasoline has not gone below $2.25USD, Karate and Swimming went exactly as expected, nobody ran any red lights in front of me. No surprises at all to speak of. Well, the Cute Little Lifeguard came up to talk to me about the Tyrants though. She is smitten with Jake. Jake cast his spell of enchantment upon her and she is now his. She was professing her unbounded loyalty to him and cursing the new Swim Program Director for his obvious incompetence. She is not teaching the Level 3 class that he is enrolled in, but she is not certain if/when/who is going to be teaching that class at all. Given that, she may just step in and cater to his (Jake's) whimsical desires. Since I'll be there every day at 1630, we are not going to have a problem no matter what day becomes our lesson day. We just cannot have it on Friday since that is the Dodge Ball day at Karate. Oh, and there is this: A new little spiffy trick for the extra long posts. Not that I blather on about nothing for pages and pages ... all signifying nothing.[+/-] show/hide this post

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