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Friday, October 20, 2006



I got nothing. It's raining here again so I've got the PECO number out for when our power fails. Jake is much better today and he is not suffering from the typical 'loose stool' symptoms that he usually gets from his SuperBug Antibiotics. That's always a good sign. I guess he got his daddy's iron gut. Karate went well, swimming went well. Oh, yeah, Jake's girlfriend Steph came over and played with him for a bit. Damn, that kid is smooth. He has a real ken for enticing the pretty ladies to his side. Yep, that's about it. The Tyrants are having a PJ Day at the ReEducation/Day Care Facility today and were quite enthused about it. They have some of the sharpest night clothing these days. I remember mine as a child. SuperMom made them so they fit fairly well but the fabric was certainly not of the style and quality you see now. Some day, I should get out the Mrs's Sewing Machine and bone up on my seamstress skills. It's not fair for me to heap the mending on SuperMom every time she comes down for a visit. Yeah, yeah, I know how to knit too. Sometimes a manly-man needs to be a bit epicene and effeminate to keep the balance.

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