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Tuesday, October 24, 2006



Silly work, making me slack off my blogging. Like they are paying me or something. Sheesh. Monday morning had a rocky start. Getting a late start on Mondays is not entirely a new thing. You know, making the weekend last as long as possible. Yes, yes, I'm a bit of a hypocrite when it comes to this. I always spout about how one should work as hard as possible to make a better world and such. But on a cold morning after the weekend has run you down, it sure feels nice to hit that snooze bar, redouble the efforts of snuggling down beneath the quilt and dropping back into a light slumber. Even better, shutting OFF the alarm clock entirely. Rip Van Winkle was a slouch compared to the Mrs and I.

Eventually, I made the effort to pry myself into the shockingly frigid morning air and get the workweek started. After dropping off the Tyrants and giving them one last kiss/hug/raspberry, I set off to work among the rest of the lemmings in their half comatose state. Go through the regular routine and checking my email when I notice a message sent late last week. Apparently, I was invited to a Sybase Training Session starting at 0900 hours at the other office. URK! I dash off after collecting my materials and show up just as the rest of the DB group is loading the SoftWare for the session. I don't need to do this since I don't have 1GB of memory in my laptop ... just 512MB. Poor Me. That's ok though, I'll shoulder surf instead of junking up my system with rubbish. The down side is that in the training room, access to the Internet is limited and I'm isolated. Most of my brain lives on the Internet so it forces me to crank up the old biological backup unit. The hippocampus is a bit rusty, but gets going well enough to make some poignant observations. Lots of cool geeky type stuff regarding the Eclipse IDE and Enterprise model driven development. One item of interest to me is the ability to import design/req docs right into the Eclipse IDE Plugin and map it to a traceability matrix. The automation facilities are in line with our 6Sigma focus. Downside is that the tool is still a bit raw and clunky ... initial adopters of 'cool' technology run into this all the time. Still, I'm digging it.

Karate was interesting. I say interesting as a nice way of saying I walked into a high-punch during sparring and got popped in the puss for my troubles. Master Ken said, wow, that never happened before. Indeed. One problem with mastering the forms is that you move on to a more intricate and dangerous set of activities. The defense 1-Step Form I got my 'Woopin' in was fairly simple, I was just too aggressive. The opponent was to throw a High Punch and I was to deflect the blow with an inside block and throw a High Punch/Forward Punch of my own while stepping away from the thrown attack. Well, my attempt to deflect was initiated too soon and I deflected the punch with my jaw. Got a nice fat lip with a tiny taste of bitter blood for my eagerness. I'll have to work this to my advantage somehow. Really. Ouch ... it still hurts.

Tuesday morning, slept in again but managed to get to work by 0800. I blame part of this on Alexis sneaking into our bed at 0200 this morning. Something about being a heat-leach to my massive BTU generation. Cursed combination of a hyperactive metabolism and a daughter with heat-sinks for feet. So be it. In any event, I have A bit of time before the second day of the training starts so I have a moment to dredge through the loads of rubbish in my EMail inbox. Speaking of rubbish, I was the unwitting observer/victim of no less than three near-miss traffic SNAFUs. The lemmings out there seem to have brain freeze. First, on the way to work, the pilot of a minivan was making a left hand turn but could not wait for traffic to clear in both directions so too the initiative to pull out into the first two lanes and stop till the traffic in the other direction cleared up to complete the turn. Ummm, not quite what the doctor ordered since the blocked lanes presented no visibility for the approaching traffic and the other drivers nearly plowed into the dolt but managed to swerve behind the van and avoid a disaster. Incident two was me making a left turn at a green light, but a pilot of a Subaru decided that I was not deserving of the green light and went through a red light from my left. Nice! Finally, while parking the SuperSaturn a speeding woman yacking on phone in SUV nearly creams my rear fender but breaks and swerves to a stop. She apparently was late to some meeting and dashes out of her car to check to see if she hit me. Indeed, if she had it would have been due to her 1) going over 10mph in the parking lot, 2) Talking on a phone, 3) Being a lemming. There is construction in the area so I assume she was oogling the construction workers and not oogling the rear of my vehicle as I sllloooowly pull into the parking spot. Urgh.[+/-] show/hide the rest of this post

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