White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Not Good News

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Not Good News

Children of MS Dads More Likely to Inherit Disease

Written by:Karen Barrow - Published on: September 28 2006This last part really burns my bunions:That last quip ... that bullshit psa sure smacks of Eugenics to me. Nobody is going to see a 'genetic counselor' only to have them cast a shadow over your very being. Sure, the brain is the seat of the mind, but the body is vehicle that carrys the payload. It's as if one would tell Eastern Jews that because they may carry the gene for Tay-Sachs, they should forgo procreation. Typical statist, trans-national progressivism. Here is to medicine, research and science doing a better job in the next 25 years than what has been done in the last 250.

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