White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Mundane Entry

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Mundane Entry

I'll get to the point, not much happened yesterday. I slept in again after Alexis snuck into our bed. She wakes in the middle of the night to go piddle on the potty and figures that while she is awake, she might as well practice her ninja death stalk skills. Next thing you know I find her between the Mrs and I snoozing away. She is not as fitful of a sleeper as Jake, but I still end up sleeping within the last 6 inches of my side of the mattress. Sheets? Gone. Eventually, my kidneys start to weep from the pummeling and I push the little bundle of cuddly fury over to the Mrs's side. She is not quite the clod I am when half awake so she'll actually take the child back to their room. I'm quite afraid that I may not even make the trip between the door and bed without falling out a window.

Swimming went well. The instructor, Garrett, is sufficiently impressed that the 4yr olds can swim with such confidence. It was a hoot to see them in action. As the instructor entered the pool, they Tyrants activated their wonder-twin psionic powers and formulated a pincer attack. They jumped in from opposing corners of the pool and swam underwater towards the instructor. Flawless execution up to the moment where he had to make a decision which way to face ... he choose poorly by engaging Jake. Jake put up the nice-and-friendly facade while Alexis sprang forth from the water like a Poseidon Missile and latched onto his back. Poor fellow did not have a chance. I just turned away ... I don't like watching the sharks tear apart a penguin on Mutual of Omaha. Marlin Perkins was one twisted freak.

Other news, Thor decided that he was not going to leave a massive pile of doggie dip in the yard yesterday morning. Not very nice of him since I KNEW he would need to go and that I could not hold it for 12 hours. So there we were, eyeball to eyeball. he was sitting down, I on my unclad tippy-toes. After 10 minutes, I gave up. It was just too damn cold to be standing out in the back yard with nothing but my tightie-whities on. I'm certain my skin was as white as the scrap of garment I was wearing. The Mrs let him out later and he recreated Devils Tower in a 1:1 ratio.

Did I mention gas is $2.11USD/gal here? Holding steady ... beh.

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