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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


more zip

Gas still at 2.25, Tyrants and myself still 10th GUP, Mrs still happy. The kids are swimming much better these days though. That and the Cute Lifeguard is still grinning from ear-to-ear when she spots Jake. Oh, and his other girl-friend Annushka in karate ... Yep, just a regular little boy. Not that there is anything wrong with batting for the other team, but I'm anticipating that Jake will carry the Haupertonian Empire standard and produce a scion just as motivated to move forward the family destiny of TOTAL WORLD CONQUEST! WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS, We... ahem. Yes. As I was saying, he's a great kid when he isn't trying to hone his Machiavellian skills on his besieged parental units.

Alexis has a bit of a problem today. We've convinced the Tyrants that we do not rule North Korea so throwing away food is not to be tolerated. Eat your lunch or have a really good reason for not doing so. Indeed, both intransigents have been doing this but Alexis caught some sort of bug that induced her to need to visit the girls room at least 4 times yesterday. Unfortunately, she NEEDED to visit but only did so twice. Her reasoning was that she was outside and when she said she needed to go, the teachers said she would have to go in and 'stay' with the principal, Nurse Ratched. Not wanting to miss any play time, she abandoned the cleaner option. Later, I educated her on the idea that after completing her 'download', the Principal would certainly let her come back outside to play. Having to clean up the fully digested peanutbutter and jelly sandwich while searching for her emergency clothing cost us 10 minutes of swim time. We'll see how it goes today.

One last thing. The Neighbors with the refrigerator plumbing issue. Yes, the installation company came, diddled about and ended up not fixing the first leak, but also creating a NEW one. They apparently shoved the fridge back into place and then turned on the vampire tap. The tap was cranked open so hard that it broke the seal and began to leak in the crawl space. So not only is water gushing out behind the fridge and soaking the sheet-rock wall, but it is spraying up onto the floor boards and beams from below. They called out an insurance adjuster and a REAL PLUMBER to deal with it. Since it is water from within the home, it will be covered. Interesting way to get a kitchen remodeling job kicked off. I told the Mrs that we need to buy a Refrigerator unit from these jokers. Every new unit comes with a kitchen makeover!

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