White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Eat'enst man alive

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Eat'enst man alive

Because I've lost track of what day it is .... yeah, I've been distracted of late. Some of you out there are saying "Hey, this Manamana guy is just pretending to be a MSer. Like that guy who pretended to be a lesbian girl blogger to get lots of readers!" Yeah! Pshaw. I'm not a lesbian ... Really. I think. In any event, I'm going to set the record crooked like a spine. I had some rough times with MS ... blindness, vertigo, mild paralisys ... little things. But after I gave up on the ABC drugs, things got much better. And now, with a change in life style ... Well durn it, I should have listened to the prescient Mrs and affixed the change ages ago. Which leads me to my diet. Yep, bad segue there, but hey, ptttthhhhtt! I'm starting to accept that diet, exercise and low stress are helping me out quite a bit. Not really my style, you know. I'm a staunch Anti-Granola type of guy when it comes to dogma and ideology. But hey, if you can't beat them ... eat them! After reading up on MS for years and years and getting much too much information, I made a mental leap. The white matter is getting chewed up by the immune system for no real good reason. And for what it's worth, the places that are getting attacked should not be attacked because they are in an area where white blood cells do not belong. They are getting though the blood-brain barrier in numbers that far outstrip the requirements. The blood brain barrier needs to be reinforced and axon damage needs to be repaired. Well, it turns out that 'dark' fruit (hmmm, dark matter? grey matter, white atter?) has components in it that help reinforce the barrier. Why weaken the immune system with ABC drugs when you can just shore up the defenses? Shovel a load of GLA into the works to rebuild damaged shielding and POW! You do yourself a whole load of good without and durned needles!

Given this approach, I've modified the diet a bit. No more 12 pack of donuts with a liter of Jolt anymore. For breakfast, I suck down the following:

Normally, folks would have a bit more wholesome meal, but I just start eating after the vitamins and graze right up until I leave work. Here is my lunch-dump-truck:
Then there is dinner which is mostly leftovers from the tyrants/mrs and bacon fried slices of Trenton pork roll if there is nothing else. On the weekend ... well, its a regular red meat feast. Just walk 'er out and knock the horns off. So no, I'm not much of a vegan. My freezer and refrigerator are considered to be a target rich environment within the theater of operations known as the kitchen. I just eat everything, exercise like a crack-crazed banshee and reserve the meat (chud?) for the weekends.

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