White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Completed Transaction

Friday, October 13, 2006


Completed Transaction

It was a busy, but rather uneventful day. First off, it is fire prevention week at the ReEducation/DayCare Center for Developing Tyrants. On this particular day, a fireman in complete garb would show up along with Sparky the FireDog. Not a cute little Dalmatian mind you. One of those Amusement Park/Ball Game type mascot outfits complete with dead staring eyes. Alexis despises these. Disney World, when we go, will have MainStreet running with blood. However, in this case, she stated that she was not irritated and actually let herself be hugged. Well then! I'll wager she was planting a tracking device so her ninja minions could abduct and slay him(her?) later.

The funny thing about this is that one of the long time DayCare Professionals who is now among the staff tending to the Tyrants has a husband who works at the local Fire Department Station. This Thursday, they had an open house which we went to after swimming and karate. In full karate regalia no less. Yes, we got a few looks but as the 1st Haupertonian Karate Regiment, we were feared. One innocent child actually came up to us and asked if we really knew how to do karate. To which I responded, 'Yes, more or less.'. A wide eyed stare and a mouthed 'wow' followed by a quick retreat of the small audience was interestingly humorous. If asked, the Tyrants love to do their First Form for anyone who will watch. Alexis is already bored with her first and is making up 'New Forms'. Heh, I'll have to get her to display these for Master Ken some time. Back at the station, it was windy and cold so convincing the Tyrants that retreating to the Manor is a good idea required little of our typical machinations. It was pizza night to boot so the gobs of treats and candy did not spoil their appetite for a good slice of pie.

Oh, nearly forgot to include my closing salvo at the Petrol Oppressed Seattleites: gasoline is $2.15/gal USD and the Mrs indicated one of the stations she passes has it posted at 2.09. Might be time for another Haiku.

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