White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Coal powered autos

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Coal powered autos

Well I'll be jiggered and rolled in bacon. Why I never heard of this before is enigmatic to me, unfathomable even. The article is nearly a year old. Apparently, in my own back yard, we are turning coal into oil.

I'm not a really big fan of Rendell. He engages in some really unethical acts and fights dirty. Given that, I have to admit his is one hell of a cheer leader for the Great Commonwealth (notice ... Common Wealth ... urk) of Pennsylvania. If I were him, I would certainly be tooting my horn about this. Energy Independence is a KEYSTONE to the War on Terror. Think about it for a moment, it makes sense.That little clip there makes it look suspiciously like either Rendel is falling in line with Bush: "It's the economy, stupid.". What is the world coming to? Fire from the skies, oceans boiling, Donkeys and Elephants sleeping together! And then there is this:Anyone want to look up how many coal miners die in accidents in China every year? They have some of the best telecommunications technology and are still considered a 'developing nation'. Don't get me started.

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