White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Another 24 hours

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Another 24 hours

Okay then. Another day of near mendacity to wrestle with and squeeze a drop of water out of. The good news is two fold. First and foremost, I'm much better now. Seems as though the Andromeda Strain Virus has finally left my body. Not sure why, I usually fight this sort of thing for months. It might have to do with the swimming. Last night, they were putting extra water back into the Club Pool and I swear that they dumped in a few Hectolitres of ionized chlorine. The Tyrants were laid low after only 50 minutes of swim time and complained about their eyes for the next hour. Hopefully, when they have their lesson this Wednesday, some of the brutality will have evaporated. I can still smell it on my hands even now. Alexis nearly has blond hair and Jake's tuft of unruly mane looks like he had highlights done. It's as if they are dumping bleach in the pool. We'll all look like something from the Village of the Damned.

We would really fit in well with all the Swedes from Minnesota then! Boy, would the Mrs be PISSED if I asked her to move to any place colder than the Southern Reaches of Pennsyltucky. Speaking of cold, we just got our utility bill for last month. Something in the order of $128. When our electric drops below $200 you know that summer is officially over. Might as well break out the parkas now. Well, except we wont get snow for months yet. More like golashes and umbrellas. The rain will commence in 10 minutes and continue till morale improves.

Other good news, gasoline is now $2.17USD. I do expect it to level out soon. With all that nonsense in North Korea and OPEC calling for production cuts, I expect the speculators to begin to walk off the whoopin' they just got and dive back into their pissy behavior. Anyone want to lay some bets as to when Japan and South Korea shake them selves out of their complacency and announce that they are going nuclear? Japan has tons of nuclear fuel, they could probably fashion a tidy arsenal within a few months. That, or ask Godzilla to stomp Lil' Kim into the ground. Hmmm, I wonder if the Tyrants are interested in using mind control on Godzilla to further their plans of world domination...

Last bit of anything even resembling that which would be deemed interesting; My exBoss called Tuesday night. I was out with the kids and the Mrs was not home yet so he left a message. He was just checking up on me to see how the new job was going. I think he misses me. I'm one of the old-timers that he could rely on to be not-so-reserved when talking to him. It IS tough at the top, you know. Being a CEO/President even of a little company makes some people think twice about crossing you. Of course, being the King of CLM (Career Limiting Moves), I mixed it up with him a few times. Once when he was about to lay off half the company. I'll have to touch base with him and do lunch out in KOP some time soon. My new job is a bit more PC so my usual personal touch has to be curtailed a bit.

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