White Lightning Axiom: Redux: 1010 wins!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


1010 wins!

Another sufficiently dull day. There was only one thing, outside of gasoline now at $2.19/gal USD. Before I go there, I have been pondering the price of gasoline of late. I know, you barely noticed, eh? I'm friggen OCD on it. Penny wise, pound foolish. At any rate (no pun intended), it's awful peculiar that the deviation of prices here go from 2.19$ all the way up to 2.45$ ... all within a 4 mile radius. Weird. The Mrs tells me she can buy petrol for even cheaper near her place of work while I KNOW that it is also more expensive closer to Philly. I'm baffled about this. Are people made of that much money? Will they not go a couple miles out of their way to save a few dollars. If you drive a SUV or a MiniVan, your tank could hold 20-25 gallons. At .25$/gal savings ... wow. More than any damned supermarket coupon.

Karate practice produced a bit of a shocker for me. Apparently, I've been promoted to the official 10th Gup. Or is that 9th? Eh, I have a stripe on my belt now, I guess it's 9th. I was sufficiently skilled in my first basic form (Ki Cho Hyung Il Bu) that I was awarded my first promotion. Heh, go figure. Of course, behind the scenes I've been studying the next two forms (Ki Cho Hyung E Bu & Ki Cho Hyung Sam Bu) so I'll be able to spend some time with the Tyrants getting them up to snuff with the first. The next two are deviations of the first and they should be able to pick them up pretty quickly. This is for them, but the obvious health benefits for me are starting to show. The big up side to this is that I now outrank the Tyrants and now do not have to bow to them when walking onto the matt. Not like they won't demand it anyways after subjugating the Northern Hemisphere.

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