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Friday, September 29, 2006



For all you techsters out there, I've added a new FeedBurner Icon to the left ... right next to the xml feed button that seems to have a lazy side to it. Truncates the posts every so often and makes you actually have to visit the blog to get the rest of the story. How rude.

I've talked to the Understanding Mrs and she has no problems with me cramming in 2 activities a day for the Turbulent Tyrants. The exhaustion should help their appetites at dinner and their willingness to hit the sack when that hour comes. For me, it's all about squeezing every last penny of value out of our expenditures. I'm such a tight-wad. Penny wise, pound foolish. We put down good payola for the gym membership and a pretty healthy chunk every month for the Tang Soo Do training. That music training? Yeah, that might have to wait a bit till the ability to concentrate on a single subject lasts more than a gnat's life span in a temporal flux Maelstrom. For Jake that is.

In other news, gas is now $2.29 at the Cheapola Station that pumps the gas. I wonder how this will effect the economy. A lot of prices were raised to pass the cost of fuel on down to the consumer. Now that the prices have dropped, those price differentials will now be unanticipated profit. Of course, that will also show up in collected tax revenue that will narrow the already slimming budget deficit. Wouldn't it be neat if we actually went into the black this quarter and we could start paying down the National Debt? But I digress. Here is an nice site that I find quite interesting. You can believe that the states with all the refineries (NJ, TX, LA) would have the lowest prices. This peculiar deviation is obviously a state tax issue and has nothing to do with supply and demand. If I lived in the Western states (or NY), I would certainly be considering a voter revolt.

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