White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Uff-da!

Monday, September 11, 2006



Well, the AC was leaking gallons of water all over the basement floor. A veritable flood. Fortunately, there is a sump-pump in the room where the central AC unit is housed so I just had to slosh the water towards the sump and mop up the left-overs. Monday morning, I called the AC guys and they had a slot open for me in the afternoon. We really will not need the AC for the rest of the year. It has been dropping to below 60F each night. When I got a call-back, they said they could be at the Manor by 1445. Swell, I'll just skip on down the road, disable the anti-personnel mines, round up the cybernetic attack Mammoths and power down the perimeter defense drones. Well, you would think. They called at 1430 and it took TWENTY MINUTES to get home. The horror, the horror. In any event, his conclusion jived with my suspicions. The drain valve for the condensation collection tray under the cooling coils had become plugged with 'cruft' and needed to be blown out. It was simple enough to do if you knew what the issue was. It took all of 20 minutes to find and resolve the issue. That cost me 100$. Urgh. He did mention that our 20 year old AC unit was probably on it's last legs since the power draw on the Amperage was at 150%. The old comressor was giving out and the cost of the replacement and labor would probably exceed the price for a new unit including installation. We seem to spend an awful large sum of money keeping the Manor kept up and all of it's subsystems operating within acceptable parameters. Spewing excess fluids is outside of those parameters.

I returned to work to make my 8 hr day ... no biggie. Back again to take the Tyrants to Karate practice. Jake is just dancing about most of the time but Alexis is busy watching me to make sure she is doing the right moves. Ohhh, she'll get messed up trying to cheat off my page. I'm lucky I have not planted my rear on the mat trying to keep up with these kids. Funny thing, they know their first form (10th Gup?) much better than I could hope to with my 2 weeks of training. I was drilled on the Axe Kick and it is not for the feeble. I had a young Red Belt working the daylights out of me and man, he had no mercy for his age. Given my ignorance, I've taken it upon myself to look up some data on Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do and to at least attempt to try to learn some of the terminology that is being slung about.

After practice, I chopped a bit of wood, took out the trash and got ready for the next day. I want to get going early to avoid the busses and trains and the assorted 15mph school zones along the way. Three schools and two train crossings. Strange that I never noticed that before. Must have been the Short Commute of Glee blinding me to the obvious shortfalls. No matter, 15-20 minutes is still a grand victory.

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