White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Sod-Master 2000

Monday, September 11, 2006


Sod-Master 2000

Standard weekend, nothing extraordinary. Friday Karate Practice was unique though. I actually was thrown in with the masses to do my best. I did ok till they started doing combinations and then all bets were off. Punches, blocks and kicks going EVERYWHERE. Not entirely graceful but at least I did not end up on my duff. Of course, I was sweating like a Texas hog in August (that is, if they do sweat at all). In other news, Saturday was not too exhausting. Slept in after proclaiming that I would get up and mow the lawn early. Instead, we packed up and spent 5 hours at Sesame place. Heh, blame it on the kids. It was crowded but Jake and I stood in line anyways for a few of the dry rides. He was itching to get at the Cargo Net maze though and he managed to scurry though it with little difficulty. That left me to dart between the different towers to keep an eye on him and his potential escape routes. Around 1600 we called it a day and the Tyrants fell asleep in the car till I shouted out that there was candy waiting at home. That woke them right up! The rest of the afternoon was spent with me mowing the Pastoral Expanse and the Mrs cleaning leaves out of the sand pit. The Tyrants took to their watch towers and glared at us menacingly till the sun set.

Next morning, bright and early. Jake is up and is commanding us to get out of bed because the sun is up. Urgh. We go back outside so I can mow the Back50 and pick a couple trucks full of tomatoes. All by myself too, no help from the local illegial immigrants. Durned tomatoes, we got more from the volunteers (growth from discarded fruit) than we did from the regular plantings. I'll have to consider saving seeds from those guys for planting next year instead of the lack-luster crapola I paid good money for at Lowes. I managed to plant quite a bit of the grass ... only one sheet left and I've already dug 50 holes for planting it. A sheet is supposed to produce 150 plugs ... but I find that hard to imagine unless you put each blade in a separate hole. No, I'm okay with a 33% return on this. If it all works out I'll have more than enough to harvest from next spring to plant in other locations.

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