White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Slackerific v2.0

Friday, September 08, 2006


Slackerific v2.0

I did not get as much done last night as I had hoped. Only planted part of a sheet of sod. My back muscle between the shoulder blades was acting up so I had a rough go of making holes and clearing competition for the new grass. I made a feeble attempt at chopping wood and found even that was too much for me. I'm quite sure that Karate practice will be a blast. It's odd, but I think I pulled the muscle when I was stretching out after taking several CBT courses at work. Urg, ironic. Swimming was fun with the kids. Found out FINALLY that the classes will start on September 18th. I'm not sure how much longer we are going to send the kids to classes. At this point, the goal has been satisfied and they can fend for themselves in the pool. I suppose a year or so more of swimming instruction would be in order, but from then on out it will be for recreation. Then we can focus on other educational opportunities.

My commute took 19 min today ... school busses, trains, traffic. The horror, the horror. I need to get up earlier though. Or at the least, on time. I need to hold my feet to the fire, but I'll cut myself a little slack since I did not sleep well. Damn back. No, I got to work at 0745 because I left the house at 0725 and spent time feeding the Tyrants. They really need to be done with breakfast and in the cat by 0655 or so. They were both up jabbering away in their Detention Cell till 2300 last night. Night owls, just like daddy. Crabby as hell in the morning too when I haul them out of bed and plop them on the toilet. A Dictator-Daddy's work is never done ... and thankless too!

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