White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Ow-ow-owwww!

Thursday, September 07, 2006



Hmmm, yes. Yesterday was a learning experience. When I picked up the Tyrants, they were in the Exercise Yard of the ReEducation/DayCare center. The Manned Observation towers followed my every step with High Powered Rifles loaded with Tranquilizer Darts. You can never be too careful with these two. They, the twins, have found multiple ways of escaping and enjoy demonstrating their Houdini-like skills when I arrive knowing full well that the Handlers will have no recourse. Indeed, in one of Alexis' (Attila) exploits, she managed to get a deeply embedded sliver which required an rather touchy extraction procedure by the Mrs and I. Much howling and tears were produced in that operation. No nip of daddy's nano-teeth would stem this invasion; the sliver was fractured by a sloppy and novice attempt before I could get to it. Although the tweezers did the job and no blood was lost, Alexis made sure that "It hurt us more then it hurt her". She is getting prepped for her Teen-Age years already.

Karate practice was KILLER for me last night. I've been raked over the coals by my 5th instructor and they have progressively introduced me to muscles and tendons which I had long forsaken. I thought they had atrophied and withered away, but no. Back with a vengeance that no insurgent or Che can hope to muster. Men, especially of my disposition, are not built with hips that allow some of the maneuvers that were entrusted to me. I do not believe my flexors nor inductors will ever be the same. The 30 minutes of calisthenics is child's play (hey, it's the children's class after all) but the actual forms and component drills are going to be the end of me!

The commute this morning ... bliss. Up at 0615, out by 0655, drop off at 0705, exit strategy completed by 0712, at work by 0730. Gasoline is now $2.69 with my 10 gallon capacity lasting roughly 2 weeks. It would last longer except that half of my drive-time is now taking the twins to swimming or karate. My plans for their eventual exposure to fire-arms will not happen for probably another year or so. The range is just up the street from their day-care facility but we'll probably do it on the weekends. There will be much 'Aversion Therapy' and Behavior Modification involved. No bullets for years to come. I've learned by being a range instructor at a Boy Scout Camp that some children are just not informed enough about firearms to be near them AT ANY TIME.

Last night, I managed to cut up about 1/2 of a sheet of the zyosia grass and plant it along the north side of the Mile Long Driveway. It got impossibly dark quickly which forced me to abandon the effort. If everything goes as planned, I'll be able to finish up a sheet or more tonight after swimming practice. I've abandoned the idea of planting it in the Back50 and have resigned to installing the plugs in the Pastoral Expanse of the front yard where it will not be massacred by the Hell Hounds and their Acid Urine of Fire. If it works out, I'll take plugs from the established carpet and transplant them to the Back50 or just buy a few fresh sheets. I'm hoping this grass lives up to it's reputation.

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