White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Mundane efforts 2.0

Thursday, September 28, 2006


Mundane efforts 2.0

A heaping plate of more nothing. With a steaming side of 'oh-hum'. Heh, this is what I was looking for. In other news, the swim lessons have been delayed yet again. For two weeks. It's almost absurd now. The reasoning was that there was a low interest level. Well, of course you blithering, fickle twits! I had to brow-beat everyone in sight just to get the sign-up sheets. No notification, just me asking every time I entered the building. If there is no notice, there will be no interest. Ghaaa. I'll wager that the Twins are the only ones enrolled for level 3. This might be the end of swimming lessons. I'm certain we could afford private lessons, but at this point the kids are quite confident and proficient in the pool. It's all icing on the cake from here on out. We are visiting the pool on Wednesday afternoon and Saturday morning now. I might consider just sending the Mrs off with the kids on Saturdays just to allow me some free time to mow the pastoral expanse and the back-50. Of course, splashing about in a heated indoor pool is hard to pass up. We paid for the whole family to have access so it would be a shame to waste it. You know what I could do ... take the kids swimming first from 1630 till 1530 and then go to Karate practice from 1800 till 1900. Hmmm.... except the lessons on Wednesday are from 1745 till 1830. I'll have to consult the Mrs on this.

On the spiritual front, I've signed the Tyrants up for Religious education on Sundays during the 1000 Family Mass. This should be interesting. I know the first few times will be a disaster. Jovial Jake will spend his time trying to hug and kiss all the teachers or girls and Antipathic Alexis will refuse to loosen her cybernetic adamantium claws from my leg requiring me to stay for the whole time. I might just end up being an assistant. We'll have to see how it goes. It starts the following week.

Oh, and speaking of Faith and Hope ... Gas was $2.33/gal this morning.

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