White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Liquid Languish

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Liquid Languish

Nothing. Just nothing. Other than admonishing the Tyrants for throwing away food, taking them to swimming and chopping wood there is nothing going on. Work is good. I'm learning the ropes and work is starting to trickle in. The swimming lessons are going to start next Wednesday. Not Monday or Thursday as it was told to me. Fine, whatever. This might be the last of the swim lessons if this director leaves any time soon. Too much hassle ... I'll just take the kids to the pool myself and mess about. If anything interesting pops up, I'll blog about it. Oh, almost forgot ... again. Tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of the most egregious union that spawned the future dictators of earth. Yep, the Mrs and I are having our 10th tomorrow ... should be dull a uneventful. Yeah. Oh ... and gasoline here just went to $2.47/gal. Looking good!

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