White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Happy 10th Hon

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Happy 10th Hon

First things first ... I want to wish a happy-happy 10th anniversary to the Mrs. I could try to spin an eloquent and heart-rending tale of how I love her more than the expanse of the multi-verse, but it would be like a 2 year old elephant describing Quantum Physics. If we fight, it is to fight our way to a better life together. If we cry, we collect our tears and use them to moisten the soil from whence our ever growing love springs forth. Mush-mush-mush. She likes computers, I like computers. The two main differences between us are important though. One brought forth the Tyrannical Twins of Turpitude, the other is an ongoing battle between Chaos and Order. I'm Order. I love the cold. She is Chaos, it's gotta be 110F in the shade for her to be happy. I suppose the whole race, religion and age thing could be mixed in, but we barely notice that stuff. But I digress. Happy 10th my love, here is to the 90 more coming down the pike.

More mundane stuff: Master Ken was not at Karate today so he had a substitute. A very forward man who wanted no guff from the hordes of tykes dancing about the Dojang. A few of us bought some extra pushups for our non-compliance. The whole 'one of you mess up, all of you pay' is an age-old technique of reverse peer pressure. Gotta love it. Jake was up to his usual tricks too. There is a Black-Belt instructor named Sharon who he feels compelled to give hugs to at random moments. What a flirt. Bill Clinton would be embarrassed. If Jake ever gets to be President, his sister will certainly be the UN Secretary-General for Life. All focus. She knows exactly how to do the kicks and punches ... how to block, which foot goes first. I'm frightened. She does make me proud though. After practice, I ran (Err, not IRAN) out to chop some wood in the cool evening air. Have I ever mentioned that I ADORE the cooler evenings of September? Other than Gasoline now at $2.45, not much else to say. The Grandparents are coming to town on Friday to give the Mrs and I some breathing room, but more on that later.

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