White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Freight Train Rolling Through

Monday, September 25, 2006


Freight Train Rolling Through

Ahhh, the good old feeling of exhaustion on a Monday Morning. Not that I dreaded going to work, it was just that I was completely drained from this weekends activities. Like a flagon full of mead upon a Viking banquet table, the Twins (Freyr and Freyja??? Naw... ) drank deeply and fully of my bounty. Only the dregs of aches and pains were left behind. But enough of this lamenting, let's talk about Friday Karate Practice. You know, the night were we display our forms and then follow up with a good 15 minutes of dodge ball. The grand-parents were coming to town and we thought it would be nice for them to stop in and see for their own eyes what the Tyrants were really up to in the class. Alexis was a bit off her step ... mostly because she was a bit distracted. You know, her desire to kick the crap out of me versus the angst over not being able to go run into her Grandparent's arms. Jovial Joker Jacob had a bit more resolve, being made of squishy stuff no doubt. He lives in the moment and managed to do his usual class act of hugging and kissing every girl in sight till we were done with the session. Afterwards, we all went home where the Mrs and I abandoned the Tyrants to the most proficient care of the Grandparents of Spoildom while we went out to celebrate our 10th. I took the Always Attractive Mrs to a place called the Seafood Factory. It was once named Julies but now has a few more sea-based dishes on the menu and a few less steaks. Same place though. They dropped the 120oz cowboy rib-eye (Not happy about that) and added a bunch of shrimp and crab plates. I had the 40oz steak and the Mrs peacefully supped on a Dungeness crab. It was quite the meal. We were able to talk to each other, nothing had to be spelled out and not once were we taken off guard by the obtuse questions we usually have to field. Nor did we have to make multiple bathroom trips or remind our dining partners to eat their meal, don't wipe their hands on the clothing, stop trying to make explosives out of the household cleaners, etc... By the time we got home, the kids were in bed and we were ready for a bit of shut-eye ourselves.

We were up before the sun on Saturday. We had planned to get up a bit earlier so we could drive out to Lancaster/Strasburg for a 'Day with Thomas' train extravaganza. A long story short, his head nearly exploded. We did it all, the train ride, the pictures, temporary tattoos, the clowns and other short rail rides. We even got there early enough so we did not have to park in Toledo and take a shuttle bus in. Good thing since we arrived at 0830 and our train trip (all 30 minutes of it) was not till 1230. The Eveready Mrs had packed a cooler full of goodies so having to haul that around all day would have put a bit of a damper on things. Every activity we engaged in was grander and more alluring for Jake than the last. The toy store, the train tables, the Thomas Ride. He did not want to leave every one till the next activity bewitched him. The last activity was our entrance to the Train Museum across the street where there was a room set up with every possible train set known to man. And all of them were hands-on. Jake was beside himself trying to play with each one. A few hours later, we had to get a team of wild horses to drag him out. We had an engagement in Downingtown at 1730 that evening. You see, it was my friend David's 60th surprise birthday party. He and his ever gracious wife Inger are serious wine/food people and a party like that is not to be missed. As expected, the event exceeded all expectations and the Tyrants had sufficient audience to ply their machinations and manipulative ways. A good day for Jake and I, hopefully it was ok with the Mrs. I KNOW the grandparents love having the Tyrants cling to them like burrs to a woollen sweater.

And then there was Sunday. Church, was tough since the Tyrants tried to live up to their nom-de-plume of Ghengis and Attila. Well, at least Jake did. They really needed more sleep than they got. At the end of Mass, there was a brief presentation regarding a new Pre-School Religion Program that was going to start up. From 1000 till 1100 every Sunday between October and April they would be in a room getting some Churchin' while the parents worshiped in peace. It runs $50 per child for the whole year. Hmmm, math: 6 months, 4 weeks a month, 24 hours ... that is about 4$/hr for 2 kids. SOLD AMERICAN! Yep, I'm sure that Alexis will not be to keen on this so I may need to volunteer to be a participant in the program, but any bit of assistance I can buy, steal or swindle is a blessing. Ignore the obvious dichotomy of that last statement. Afterwards, I picked a few metric tons of tomatoes from the Agricultural Sector while Super Amish Dad mowed my lawn from me. The Street Wise Mrs and SuperGrandMa went shopping with the Tyrants leaving time for WOOD CHOPPING. Wooo-ho! Yeah, that was a very brief celebration till the Vikings game came on television. All in all, Sunday was not too shabby.

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