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Thursday, September 14, 2006


Cooling Planet

Yep, skipped a day. Sorry about that. Things have been a bit busy of late. The whole HVAC escapade is sucking up a lot of my time and energy. Tuesday night, a Salesman from Engle came over and gave me the treatment. All the usual fear inducing lines about the prices of units going up. I KNOW that they already have the units in shop so the prices should not change any within the next few months. I was not pleased. The price he quoted, 3700$ was nominal but I wondered if he was selling me a unit using R22 Refrigerants or the new R410-A. Either way, the next guy we'll call Next-Door-Rob was much more forthcoming and informative. He was also a local. I mean just up the street kind of local. Nice thing about it is that he is apparently friends in a round-about sort of way with our new neighbors across the street. Funny about living in one place for more than a few years, these sort of 'Kevin Bacon' associations start to pop up more frequently. Hmmm, Kevin lived in Philly, I live near Philly ... One DEGREE! Anyways, I have one more visit this Thursday evening and then I'll make a decision. It'll probably be NextDoorRob even if he costs more. We spent most of the 2 hr babbling about house repairs and computers and such. It's good to have a rapport with your service personnel. Tally: Local Mechanic, Local Electrician, Local Plumber, Local AC guy. Now if I could get the Dentist and Doctor to move in we would be set!

What else ... what else... Hmm, the damned squirrels are digging up my grass plugs. The recent spat of cool and moist weather is helping the plugs take root very well though. I need to plant the last sheet yet. I'll stop by home depot or Lowes to pick up some potting soil just to prod it along. Maybe I'll go to Sears Hardware since it is along the way. The commute has been going well for the last few days. I'm on the road between 0655 and 0705 so getting to daycare has been a breeze. We are usually the first there. No problems with school zones but the busses are EVERYWHERE. I just have to stay out of the right lane and things go better ... except for the Sunday Drivers in the left lane. Some of these folk, I swear, left the turnpike just to drive me nuts. Swimming and karate went well. I'm thinking of picking up some comfort pads like the floor they have at the Dojang so I can work with the kids on their first form. Maybe a bit for me too so they don't pass the test before me and then I have to bow to THEM! Egads. What an ironic twist of fate that would be!

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