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Tuesday, September 19, 2006



Hmmm, it's been a long weekend and I cannot recall if I actually did anything of consequence. Let's start with last Friday. It was a standard Pennsyltucky Fall hard rain day. Messy, flooding everywhere, bad traffic. I missed it all. Life is good. Karate is going well. I've actually gotten into it enough to see that Alexis is just as good on her 1st form as I am. Not hard to understand since the Tyrants have been at it for half a year now. Then there was Saturday. I woke to the sounds of my chain saw sputtering away. I had loaned it to Gus so that he could take down a couple of trees that were quite dead and dropping large branches on by-passers. The guy knows his wood ... as long as it involves a router or plane. He was in the dark about a chainsaw. Of course, that was just the opening I needed to stick my nose into his business and spend half a day helping him out. Really, it helps to have a second set of hands about when you are doing this sort of thing. Moving branches, holding logs, picking up severed limbs or digits. It comes with the territory and the guy has nobody but his wife now. He was so appreciative for the assist that he insisted that we all go out some time soon so he could treat us to dinner. I'll be nice; Carrabba's is nearby and a good deal for a good meal. Half way through the lumberjacking session, Jake sneaks out of the Manor in his Thomas PJs and stealthily makes his way down to the street. The Mrs was otherwise indisposed and Alexis figured that Jake should not have all the fun. OOps ... teaching them to open doors may be our downfall.

Sunday ... not much going on there. Hang out with Jake and chop wood. That should cover it. Monday, however, was a different story. I've gotten into a bad habit. Since my morning routine with the kids takes up no more than 30 minutes ... I have taken to spending that time sleeping. Or rather, snuggling with the Mrs. Not sure if it is a bad thing to put off work for 30-45 min, but the whole idea of working closer to home was so that I could reduce stress and spend more time with the Family. I guess I can absolve myself for sticking to my word.

The Tyrants had a dentist appointment Monday night. They actually LIKE going to the dentist. It's about 3 or 4 miles up the street from the manor so getting there is a snap. It's strange, I've always had a pretty healthy loathing for the dentist. The first thing that comes to mind other than oral pain is the Movie with Dustin Hoffman. Is it safe? Is it safe? shudder No wonder they opted to entice men to come in by hiring the most attractive dental hygenists they could find. No, no problems for the twins, they brush their teeth every night. Besides, cavities don't appear till you get your adult teeth. Then they rush in like the mongol hordes.

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