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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Wednesday News - Thursday Mews

I'm a bit addled of late. This has complicated my blogging, as you have noticed. Let me go back to Tuesday afternoon. Back, baack ... waaaaay back. I had just arrived to pick up the Tyrannical Twins from the ReEducation/Interment center for their Ninja/Karate/5 point Death Blow practice. Jake is a bit cranky after apparently having a rough day. Daycare, the toughest job you'll have . Anyways, he was busy coloring when I arrived and I conducted him off to the Boy's room so he would pee now instead of 3 times during practice. After much discussion and a grand flourish of washing one's hands after playing with the septic devices, we returned to find the media and crayons being put away. He immediately melted down. I mean BIG TIME TEMPER TANTRUM. I have never seen him do this. It was surreal. It was as if some strange beast had usurped my son's body and was contorting it into a wretched shadow of his former self. I bent over and picked him up, all the while explaining to him that he could color later at home ... with his own books and crayons. Wow, I caved in. What happened to both of us!?

Later on after a good practice, Jake eats well and runs off to play, completely oblivious to the events earlier in the evening. The Mrs has come back from NYC so all is as it should be in his world. So quickly are transgressions forgotten in his reality. I think that the folks over in the Middle East (and closer to home) should take a page from his book.

Alexis, the Future Adjunct Commissioner of LatinAmerica/Cuba has run into another epidermis issue. It seems that somehow the Day Care Professionals have put the wrong sunblock on her. After a week of absurd heat, the day that was cool enough was the day the rash started. I gave a dictate that from henceforth, she will not have any lotion of any sort applied to her. Her skin is tinted just enough to tolerate a little sun (unlike her Morlock brother), but sensitive enough that a hint of whatever toxic poison they are applying to the other children (agent Orange?) causes her to break out in a horrid itching rash. We do not have this problem when we apply her 'special lotion' so I can only assume that one bottle is used on all the kids no matter what we supply. Urgh.

Wednesday morning, I resigned from my job. Yep, 2 weeks notice. I spoke to the CEO and his Wife, the VP about it and they were sad to see me go. After 10 years at the same company, it was getting to be about that time. The new job pays a bit more, is closer to home, has 401K matching, free use of the executive harem, relaxed dress code, stock options, blah-blah-blah ... and NO TURNPIKE. I would turn in all the other benefits so long as I do not have to sit through another morning of chewing on some-ones exhaust pipe, wailing away as the hours slip by and I sit still on that asphalt purgatory. Even this morning, a semi had turned over on the ON-Ramp that I use, effectively blocking me from getting underway for a good 30 minutes. Not that the truck was blocking the road, just all the mindless lemmings who had to slow down and survey the damage. Stop, get out, take pictures, smell the fumes, taste the oil spilled on the ground. Only then, when satisfied, would they get going and behave like blithering idiots. Fickle twits that they are, they then tailgate and rush about because they are late ... hoisted upon their own pretards! Relaxxx ... count to 10 .... ahhh, yes.

As for the job thing, I'm a bit sad to leave behind the people and accomplishments that have consumed a quarter of my life. The accident last month brought about an epiphany for me though. It was time to move along. To spend more time teaching the kids morals. Helping them build character and skills for use in their lives. All the money we sock away and all the hours I spend cursing at traffic does little for them if I'm not there. No. This life is not mine, it is God's. He gave it not for my enjoyment, but to build a better world for others. It belongs to my wife and children. Should I have another accident, the vaults of cash from the insurance will do little for them when then need to be hugged after scraping their knee. After Alexis meets her first boy, who better to explain why he hit her and ran away. When the Mrs needs to unload after a bad day at work I can absorb the punishment better than the psyche of the kids. And those damn dogs ... who would let them lick a pair of stinky feet. Even worse, if I were left behind with heaps of blood money would it sooth my pain as I remember nothing but a long commute and exhausted evenings. No. Time to move along.

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