White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Slackerific!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006



Yes, yes, once again I have abandoned you in petty preference to my own puerile interests. Something about chopping wood and cooking for the hungry masses. In any event, I will do my very best to relay every minute and mundane detail. Every kernel of corn in the Hounds poop. Every blistering pimple on my oh-so sassy behind. Every ... oh, yeah. TMI eh? No matter, it's my blog and I'll spew if I want to! Heh, let's roll back the sands of Chronos's ever dwindling sand pile and recount the events of the past few weeks.

On my last day at my previous company, pretty much everyone was on vacation. No 'fond farewell' party or luncheon of any sort. That is ok. I did get to have a Spledorifious Sake Splurge with on of my more interesting conversational co-workers: Dead-On Dan. The 'kid' started in a rhetoric field and found that CS had the money in it. Pretty bright guy, I hope he does well. Given that, I got out of the office with my last plant and then got to wait in awful traffic. Mmmm, traffic. Last time I'll have to drag my weary rear through the standard 'Bumper Sucking Love Fest'. Or so I hope.

That night, in a fit of insanity I signed myself up for Karate. Yep, I'll be entering the class with my children. I'm going to try to inspire the tyrants a bit. You know, if the old man can do it, so can they! I took the rest of the week off to take care of a few things around the Manor. Especially the Master Suite. A bit of sanding, spackle, paint and such. It's such a slow go at it. I did spend quite a bit of my time chopping wood in spite of my strange pain in my side. Later on, in the week I started to get excessive mucus production and then, for no good reason, my foot started to hurt. The Mrs and I decided to make an emergency call to the Doctor and I got an early morning appointment. Something about chest pain motivates them. I guess it's like a farmer tending to his herd. You don’t want any of your livestock to drop dead. Then the only people who will buy it are McDonalds. Anyways, it turned out to be a bunch of unrelated stuff. My blood pressure was ok; 110/78 and the EKG turned up nothing. Just too much abuse of my body and the Doc Lady told me to cool my heels for a bit. Now there is advice I can heed!

The next week at the new job. Well, let me put it this way: I WILL NOT BE DOOCED. Nope, not a word about it. One thing though, it is certainly a different experience. I think I'll grow nicely here.

Let's talk about the Labor day weekend, eh? We drove up to spend the weekend with the Grandparents and the kids were absolutely NUTS about it. To the extent that they have not stopped asking to go back every day since we returned. They have been plotting even. I know it. They think they can defeat me with their faux wailing and then switch to a double-monkey pincer attack, but my kung-fu is strong! Anyways, it was a fairly standard visit. We went to the state fair in Syracuse and watched the Belgians and Clydesdale horse competitions. Damn. Big. Horses. Jake sat perfectly still the whole time and was fascinated by their exquisite grooming. Alexis was a bit tired and thus, was very difficult at times. We visited the 4H pavilion and did some arts-n-crafts. It took some of the edge off. We did all the standard stuff. Cows, chickens, pigs, goats, etc... I threatened to buy a set of small hens with a rooster but the Mrs put her foot down. Waking at the crack of dawn to the crow of a puffed up rooster was not on her agenda. Nuts. I'll have to be content with my wood chopping and garden for now I suppose. Later, after the fair, we went to a picnic that my Big Little Brother's friend was having at his Farm. Smoked Pork and a load of other goodies. Fireworks courtesy of BLB. Apparently, he can obtain said pyrotechnics in PA with a NY license while I, a resident of PA, is forbidden to do without a class 1 fireworks permit or some other such nonsense. Jacob enjoyed them quite a bit and was attempting to describe them with simulated exploding noises and grand sweeps of his hands. It was cold enough that most of the insects were held at bay (except the Mrs managed to get bit) and the smoke from the slow-cooker or the fireworks deterred the insect feast. Not too bad. The next day, we washed the dogs and drive home. 'Nuff said. I'll try to be more eloquent next installment. And perhaps, a bit more loquacious.

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