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Thursday, August 03, 2006



Long, dull day trying to get locked files out of source control and fighting with VB.Net data grid style objects. They are worse than Hamas/PLO/Hizbulla when it comes to rational cooperation. Little bastard missiles of error windows, aborting my form. True, False, 1, 0, Null ... argh. A change in the weather would mean a lot to me right now. The Mrs is talking about a trip to NYC soon ... just to meet the grandparents. Mostly, to catch Ghun-Ghun (Grandpa in Cantonese ... Butchered) before He goes to China. It's going to rain this weekend so we might just do it.

When I got the manor last evening, after braving the lemming exodus that the turnpike has become, I found no rabbit in the trap. I checked the device and after loosing a few fingers, I determined that the hair trigger on the laser mincing mechanism was operating within mil-spec. So I moved the trap to were the most damage was occurring and went on to pick some cabbage and tomatoes. The Mammoth Hounds were dutifully overseeing my efforts but were quickly subdued by the heat. Nothing like wearing a woolen coat in 100+ temps. Looking about the back-50, I made a mental note that I need to clean up the mounds of used dog-food. I mark each pile with a little orange flag so I can spot it at night when I let them out. Nothing like planting your bare feet in an ankle deep pile of fermented canine excrement. With all the little flags, I have let it go for the week and now the yard looks like a Bosnian minefield. Little orange flags marking each potential mis-step.

The rest of the evening was committed to the Tumultuous Twins of Turpitude. It's karate night and Jake is none to fond of being told what he can and cannot do. He wants to kick, he wants to punch and he wants to kiss the girls to make them cry. Master Ken is not subject to his wiles. I spoke to him briefly about Jakes recent bad habit of demonstrating his skills on his classmates. Ken laid into him and let him know that it is for DEFENSE. Offense comes later in Ninja Academy. Afterwards, we spoke of other, more trivial matters. Like accidents and the 2 year timer that results in a lawsuit. The full-tort option on PA insurance is a sham in that anyone seems to be able to sue for anything up to 50K ... which forces it to a binding arbitration rather than an actual trial. These ambulance chasers and their fodder use this to hijack the system. We both are reaping the rewards of a cannibalistic modern society populated by looters and opportunistic predators. We both seem to share the ideology of Shakespeare ... "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers".

Practice ends. I, learning my lesson from last week, order the pizza 30 minutes early and give them precise instructions as to the time I will be there to pick it up. At 1910, I will get my pizza. Period. It is hot and ready for me when I arrive. Not like last time and there are no excuses. I am there, the pizza is there, the cc reader is working and the transaction is completed. I tip them even though it is not a standard requirement. Just as a elegant way of knowing that good service means repeat business and happy customers. Ahhh, demand driven markets. To assuage my relationship with the universe, the Mrs took it upon herself to remove most of the dog poo from the back yard. This is rare and quite a treat for me. It's sad when the high-point of your day revolves around dog feces.

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