White Lightning Axiom: Redux: More Swimmin' wit bowlegged wimmen...

Friday, August 18, 2006


More Swimmin' wit bowlegged wimmen...

More tales from the Kingdom of Dulldom. Yesterday, I spent enough time with the victim of my knowledge transfer (here forth referred to as the Brain Puke). He was appreciative to a creepy degree. I pointed out examples and potential pitfalls. I incurred the wrath of the spirits of hard-core programming by elaborating short-cuts and invoking 'It was hard to write, it should be hard to read' incantation when asked of the state of documentation. When you have finished coding the same module more than 4 times in various configurations before the dust has settled around the user requirements you are bound to have some artifacts lingering about.

Afternoon Escape: Swim with kids for an hour or so. Flippers, fins and gills are starting to emerge as we start to evolve (devolve?) to water-bound creatures. We had to get out of the AcidPit of Doom after the Water Aerobics Ancients showed up to purge the pool of all below the age of 65. Damn AARP. The lap pool was freezing cold and we only lasted about 30 minutes before the blue lips parted to display chattering teeth. The Tyrants jumped right in but it took the old man a few minutes to wade into the iceberg infested waters. We tried our hands at diving to the bottom to retrieve objects, but it was a hit-or-miss endeavor so the frustration cut the activity short. I got a bit tired of searching for the durned sunken Greek Trimere myself. Out of the pool, dry, dress and head home for pizza. Mmmm, American Cuisine.

I attempted to split wood but found myself floundering in my own sweat and exhaustion. No good could come of my half-hearted attempts so I just took what I had already split and stacked it behind the Manor next to the Kennel Entrance. That will be the first batch of wood to be burnt so I'll need to cover it with a tarp ASAP to give it a chance of drying out. Once winter rolls in (Late Nov, Early Dec in Pennsyltucky), it should be just right. The remainder of the unsplit wood will end up at the perimeter of the Outer Wilds of the Haupertonian Empire. I'll get the Mrs to snap a few panoramic pics of it so I can show the extent of it. It's a bit like the Great Wall of China, except the wood stacks are actually visible from space.

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