White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Light Traffic

Friday, August 11, 2006


Light Traffic

The universe knows that I pulled a slick move on it. The outside temperature was 65 this morning. Yes, 65 outside, 75 inside. I got going after we managed to pry a still exhausted Jacob from his bed. Neither of the Tyrants got out of bed last night. I was still happily sleeping at 0615 this morning before Alexis cried out for someone to help her with the morning bathroom pilgrimidge. On top of all that bliss, there was a very light traffic load on the turnpike. The universe is trying to lure me back into my old rut. Nope, not going to happen. My path has deviated and I'll blazing a new trail soon enough.

Many of my workmates are being quite nostolgic since the notice of my departure was announced. I dredged the slew of memories from the muck of yesterdays and spun some rather amusing tales. Over the years, about 75 or so folks have worked for the Company. Right now, I have personal knowledge of 73. Now the fact that the legends that I conjure up are half fiction does not surprise anyone. Like all good myths, I like to make sure that there is a seed of truth ... a kernel of fact ... that makes debunking my lore more of an adventure of discovery than a task of proof.

Speaking of tasks, Jake got a little taste of 'Crime and Punishment' at karate practice Thursday night. You see, at the beginning of practice he leaned over and SPAT on the practice mat. Ohhhh, the red flags went up and the hammer came down. For the whole practice, he was paired with the Master's son ... also a Black Belt ... for the explicit purpose of doing calesthenics. The whole hour; jumping jacks, push-ups, crunches, sit-ups and running in place. He soon found out what it means to get a cramp. Having a gut full of milk to start with did not help much either. We did not have him burn a phoenix (鳳凰) on one forearm and a dragon (虯) on the other, but Grasshopper is learning what respect and obedience means. Oddly enough, he did not give up at any time inspite of the simpering and wailing. Persistent little bugger, he is. His sister, by they way, was practicing her forms the whole time and seemed rather unpreturbed about his predicicament. That, and she did her forms very well to boot. Salt for the wounds. Later on, she enjoyed telling the Understanding Mrs what Jacob had done when he balked at explaining himself. He's not quite there yet when it comes to the temporal mechanics of cause-effect ... but his sibling certainly does. As long as the pendelum is not swinging above her head!

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