White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Late Blogging 'Effort'

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Late Blogging 'Effort'

Okay, the POS Super Saturn got a 7th chance yesterday. After replacing nearly everything that I drove it in with, it is now some sort of pseudo-cyborg Super Saturn. I'm pretty sure there are 17th century wooden cogs in it now. Right next to the hyper-kinetic cold fusion drive with the duct-tape containment chamber. The steering is done by wire, like the 1950's aircraft. Noisy as one too. No doubt, I'll be driving this car for the next 10 years ... augmented with solar panels and a veggie-oil converted.

The Twins have graduated. Last night was the last swimming class for the session and they have moved to Super Secret Code Blue Level 3 Aquatic Combat Training - Stealth Mini-Frogmen. Yes, the 4 year old battle hardened buggers have shown that they could swim the river Styx, blow Beelzebub's fortress all to smithereens and get away without being detected. Next class in a few weeks will be later in the day which will give me a bit of breathing room before I need to whisk them off to the pool. For more combat training ... with extended underwater mine-planting techniques. I'll have to check the shower from now on to make sure they have not snuck in under cover of darkness. Probably a good idea to check the toilet bowl and tank too.

Last few days of work: sucky. Lots of non-destructive and mundane work assignments. Documentation and software design engineers mix like Sunnis and Shiites. Read: not so good. Throw in a Wahhabist or two and it's a real party. My work usually does not involve high explosives, gunplay or beheadings ... but that would certainly make it easier.

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