White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Boiling again

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Boiling again

No less than accidents on tpk going in The other morning .. only took me an hour to get to work though. I'm not sure, but I think that some people are driving slower in fear that they may have to get out of the car. This would cause them to burst into spontaneous combustion, of course.

At work the fire alarm went off again.
A few fire trucks and emergency vehicles showed up. It was the elevator sensors again. Ever since the power outage, the elevators have been a little peculiar. Like some bad SciFi flick, I almost expect them to start consuming the riders. Heh, I'm on the 1st floor so I've never been in them. Nearly 5 years in this building and I've never gone further than the bathrooms down the hall ... unexplored territory. Back to the fire alarm thing ... the inhabitants of this 4 story complex all had to scurry forth from concrete and glass bunker. Our hermetically sealed, environmentally contained habitrail that keeps us from withering in the heat of late. Indeed, as we burst forth like a gaggle of vampires, the sun rained down white hot horror. A grueling 30 minutes later, we slither sluglike off the boiling asphalt to let the cool air of the HVAC enriched ambiance. Just took a few hours to get all the sweat to evaporate. Ick.

I was asked to set up a projector and a server unit for an 0800 meeting ... agreed to do it and remembered that I really could not do that. I forgot that the Mrs is off to NYC and I have dropoff duty yesterday morning. It was all rush-rush-rush. Managed to get it done and then got to sit through a 4 hour meeting .... without coffee. Argh. Later in the day, the Mrs shows up at the bi-weekly swimming session. I got the kids into the drink at 1700 and I messed about with them till their lesson started at 1745. The Mrs looked on and agreed to dress them and bring them home afterwards. I take off when lesson starts and pick up lo-meign for dinner. I love Wednesdays ... the kids eat their dinner with little prompting.

One more mundane tid-bit: I had to scare off a rabbit that was be-heading my carrots and squash. I put out a live trap but I'm not holding out much hope. I think he is trapped in the back-50. I sealed the borders and he may have squeezed in, but feasted upon the bounty of the Haupertonian Agricultural Sector to a point where he is now too corpulent to get out. He better hope I catch him before the local hawks do. While I was out there, dripping with sweat due to the strenuous activity of contemplating a horrible death for the pest, I collected a few undisturbed veggies. Mmmm, fresh carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers ... we will soon have watermelons and pumpkins too.

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