White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Weekend Place Holder

Monday, July 24, 2006


Weekend Place Holder

Ahh, the weekend ... here and gone as fast as a summer rainstorm. As it was, it rained most of the time so the analogy is exact. Since it was raining and the subtle rumbling of thunder was omnipresent, the trip to Sesame place never happened. Shame, I think I would have fared better prancing about an amusement park rather than trying to engage in housekeeping tasks about the Manor. But enough of my kvetching, let's speak of the Treasured Twins of Tyranny. They did pretty well on Friday at Karate practice. Although, as aggressive as she can be, I find it interesting that during the play part (dodge ball), Alexis prefers to hand the balls to other kids and sit back. Hmmm, she knows how to delegate. Next phrase I'll have to teach her is 'Plausible Deniability'.

Early Saturday morning, we had a power outage. Not that I would notice outside of the fact that the Mrs woke up because the ceiling fan went off and she could hear the noise of silence. As a 'Forever Manhattan Girl', she cannot stand total silence. If there is not a siren or some background noise in the air, there is something amiss. Since we woke up, so did the Twins ... in shifts. Eventually, I abandon the Good Ship Mattress of Slumber to sleep in the basement. Mmmm, nothing like the chilly dankness of a good dungeon. Later on in the day, after attempting to sleep in, I haul off and go to do what can be considered a bit ambitious. I was going to try to chop wood. Yes, yes, I know. Take it slow, don't over do it, take care of you back and neck. Mother nature decided to keep my idiocy in check and sent variable rain-storms to keep me from my appointed rounds. So, instead of chopping wood I clean up and we head off to pick up Family Tank II from the dealership. Yep, that pretty much tallies up what we did on Saturday. Sunday was more of the same except I was able to chop and stack a bit more wood. Wet as it may be, I did manage to pile up one pallet's worth. One of these days, all that wood will be minced and set out to dry. Then I can get back (heh, damaged as my spine may be) to sanding the floor in Jake's room.

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