White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Perfunctory Posting

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Perfunctory Posting

What to say, what to say. It's hot, I'm frazzled for no good reason and no matter how soon I go to bed (after the kids have finally gone to sleep) I do not seem to get enough sound sleep. I got home later than my usual time on Monday so that the kids did not get to go swimming. They did have a rough time trying to get out of bed in the morning. Karate Practice went OK and the Twin Tyrants of Turpitude did not get into much trouble. Might have something to do with the conspicuous absence of Josh. The co-conspirator of chaos. Go figure. Other than the heat (which is absurd everywhere), there is not much to remark on. There is something to be said for being in Zombie mode.

I've got an open question for the plebiscite out there. This would normally be considered a secret but me keeping things from the Mrs is like the kids turning down candy: Inconceivable. In any event, our 10th anniversary is coming up and I need to figure out what I'm going to do for the Mrs. I already bought her a 300$ gift certificate at a local day-spa that she has yet to use. She does not have pierced ears and the only jewelry she wears is the plain gold wedding ring. Makeup, perfume ... nearly never uses it. Honestly, the only things she would use is technology based and she buys it herself. No Steak dinner or Lobster would do anything for her; she doesn't eat it. Hamburgers and crab meat are as fancy as she likes it. Now aside from the Family Tank II (remember, I was driving Family Tank Original at the time of it's premature demise), big-ticket items are not impressive for her. Maybe something regarding the Yankees. Sigh ... Being a considerate and loving husband can be so draining.

Final update: We had a wing-dinger of a storm last night. Rolled over us at roughly 1930 hours and showered us with marble sized hail. Sure cooled down the region a bit. It was 69F outside and 77F inside this morning. Apparently, it was gusty enough to approach tornado force winds. That resulted in many downed limbs and power loss in all the wrong places. The twin disasters of Traffic detours and gridlock pranced gaily into our lives. I was mentally prepared for it this time. So calm was I that when I saw an elderly man on the side of the turnpike this morning, I actually pulled over and helped him change his flat tire. He tried to offer me a reward but I countered that it would be best if he just did the same for someone else when the occasion arises. On the turnpike, mercy is in short supply.

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