White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Half way through hell ...

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Half way through hell ...

The twins acted up at Karate yesterday. Alexis was busy manipulating the instructor and Jacob was doing his interpretive dance bit that represented uncontrolled perpetual motion. Myself, I'm having my own personal energy crisis. A profound, enveloping and oppressive exhaustion has wrapped me in its iron grasp and is squeezing every last drop of motivation out of me. You know you should go back home and go to bed when you debate weather or not you should get up to use the toilet or rest a minute .. or two ... or, oh boy, I really gotta go now. It must be the turnpike. I wonder if there is a study on the effect of long commutes and resulting fatigue. The kids have swimming today, I fear their mobility. Jeeze, listen to me whine. Anyone got some cheese to go with it?

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