White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Everyone Hates Mondays

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Everyone Hates Mondays

Tuesdays are no cup of tea either. Beh. I got a call from the project manager Monday morning. I need to retouch 5 or so screens for the User Requirements document. It's frustrating in that I added a bunch of features that had to be removed in one of the revisions. Now, I get to add them back in again. Argh does not suffice the frustration I'm feeling about that. It is one of the mitigating factors that make me want to toss in the towel on my white-collar tech job and go do landscaping. At least when you dig a hole, it says 'dug'. Till the next guy fills it in because that is what the Union told you to do. Even if the middle guy who was supposed to put a tree in that hole was out sick that week. Never mind, stupidity and fickle twits rule the world.

The commute in this fine Tuesday morning was jolly too. Actually, not really bad till I got to the exit gate and got stuck behind a truck that entered the EZPass lane and became confused. He just sat there while an even larger truck behind me was blasting it's horn. I'm not sure what the problem was, but eventually the fellow got it in gear and left only to proceed to cut off several folks on his way to rt 422. If all lanes were EZPass and some were both EZPass and Cash, this sort of thing would not be such an endemic problem. Like in NYC. I'm such an elitist.

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