White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Cranky and Curmudgeonly

Friday, July 14, 2006


Cranky and Curmudgeonly

Running lights. What the blue-blazes is it about people that makes them think it is ok to blast through that light thinking that the 15 seconds possibly saved (the next light 15 meters down the road is red ... ass-hole) will pay off given the consequences. You think I'm a bit indignant about this? Twice, this evening, the daredevils of PA roadways have slid through intersections after the light has turned green in my direction and cars have started moving through in an expected manner. If I were medicated, I would have probably have let it slide ... but I'm "Pain Motivated" and cranky as hell. I need my flying car.

Got a call from 'Firemans Mutual Insurance' or something like that. Must be the woman's insurance company from the accident. I called at 1645 and the woman had already left. Her shift replacement had no idea what the call was about but promised to call back. Yes, the infamous promise of a callback to the feeble minded who are expecting service from a rep who has panicked and only wants to escape. I let her off the hook knowing these fraudsters are only trying to foist their workload on the customer.

And then there are the kids. Talk about foisting a work-load. But it's a labor of love, right? So anyways, Jake goofs off in Karate Practice and gets benched three times. We have a little heart to heart and I try to guide his cognitive process to a place where he will start to connect actions with consequences. It's a rough road and he is the kind of child who lives in the moment. A wondrous place and I have to smash it. Make me feel awful, really. Part of the problem is that he is actively involved in the sport of 'Goofing' with Josh, another 4 yr old with ADD. Yeah, a pound of sugar and a 100 megaton nuke are just a blip on the radar with these two mixing it up. The instructor indicated that he will be making an effort to bring these two along in the Friday Class. The Mrs is going up to NY with the FIL who has been staying with us so he will not get enough attention from me since I'll be doing my best to keep the both of them (Tyrannical Twins: Attila and Ghengis) distracted.

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