White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Chutes and ladders

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Chutes and ladders

... And broken axe handles. Yeah, I broke the axe handle while trying to split wood last night. Hit the wood square but it split funny and splintered the handle right at the head. The universe works against me. No matter, I have other concerns. The Mrs took off to tend to the MIL in NYC yesterday evening. That leaves the defense of the Manor up to me. Other than the kids doing their thing at swimming lessons and my eventual collapse into slumber at 2130 hours, not much to blather about. I did feel much better in the morning though. Good thing since I inherited drop-off duty. Got the kids to school by five of seven and got back on the road ten minutes hence. The one thing I did find of interest for the day was this:

Yep, that would be Lileks talking about his class reunion. The guy reminds me of why I am so in love with the Northern-Mid-West.

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