White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Brownian Movement

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Brownian Movement

A very boring report today. I went swimming with the Twins and signed them up for the next set of classes. They had the consideration of moving the time of the class to 1745 from 1730. The water company came by and turned on the water to the meter that was already installed but did not turn on the valve to the sprinkler system. No biggie, I can do that myself. Weird thing about that is the repeated calls from Sharkey Enterprises who wants to come out and turn on our sprinkler system ... and charge us for it. Sure, they may walk about and check to make sure all the heads work (which I have done) and replace any broken ones (which I have done), but I don't see the need unless there is a broken pipe somewhere. That will not show up till well into the summer after repeated uses. It's a tough sell for them given that I'm not the typical suburbanite who does not like to get dirty.

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