White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Working in a coal mine

Monday, June 05, 2006


Working in a coal mine

My brain is still on vacation. Doing an IPL on the old grey matter is taking a bit more effort than expected. I had to get up early today and get a few hours in at work since I'll be driving to another galaxy for a client meeting. Fortunately, I'll be able to use a worm-hole to get back home since the meeting is over at 1600. At that time, I hope to mow the pastoral expanse which now looks like more of an ancient rain-forest ... with mean nasty critters laying in wait. I'd comment on the swimming except that it is the same as usual. Kids getting better at walking on water and enjoying every minute of it. Did I mention that I finished the Ayn Rand book I was reading? Now I'm going to try for a 700 pg book, Fountainhead. Heh, no rest for the wicked conservative libertarians.

And now, pictures for your enjoyment; click on the thumbnails to see them in better resolution:

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