White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Vacation complete

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Vacation complete

I've been tossed back to earth as a reject from heaven. Morningstar, curse you for setting the protocol. Indeed, it was a splendid time. Split Rock Resort in the Poconos was an excellent choice on the Mrs's part. We visited the Crayola Factory, Cabelas and Steamtown. We went swimming inside and out, there was miniature golf and various hiking opportunities. The kids even got a chance to do a bit of fishing sans hook and harvested a bounty of aquatic weeds. Having the grandparents at their disposal was a boon for the Tuckered Out Twins as well. On multiple occasions, they slept well past 0900 ... most enjoyable for the Mrs and I. Having Uncle Paul down was one extra set of hands and vocal cords to keep them in line too. Lots of playdough craft and coloring in the evening hours kept the combat situations to a minimum. It was certainly a target rich environment, but the supplied distractions were sufficient to defuse them promptly. That and copious naps in the Family Tank between destinations.

In the middle of this, the Mrs and I had an excursion planned to return to Philly for a wedding reception given for a co-worker of mine. He is an ex-rock star of local regional fame and he 'married up' with his spousal selection. Given this, the Father In Law (Very connected in Philly Politics) was going to show everyone that it was business as usual. Some of my former co-workers had been invited and there was much merriment to be had. Somewhere between the open bar with the Vodka Martinis and the cigar bar with the 18 yr old Glenlivet Scotch and Montecristo cigars, I lost track of my drink stats. Indeed, waking up in the middle of the morning to feel the yet undisturbed sloshing of alcohol in my stomach was an ill omen. Needless to say, the pastoral expanse did not get mowed as planned. I did, however, manage to harvest several heads of broccoli, lettuce and a bucket of peas. Fresh veggies, the anti-alcohol.

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