White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Swing low ...

Friday, June 30, 2006


Swing low ...

The peas are done for. Alas, the noble struggle against the heat has come to a gruesome and final close for the sinuous pea stalks. I went in and ripped them all out when they started to display that 'withering pod' look. Like knobby, wizzend knees on an old court barrister. At that point, they start to get bitter and hard. Time to steam and freeze them. I did not do the right thing last year and got some pea sprouts in the fridge instead of nice fresh peas. Interesting enough to capture the Tyrant's attention, not tasty enough to get them to actually EAT them. The Mrs helped me pull the pods off the mountain of vines that I had piled up on the Mile Wide Deck and got a few skeeter bites as compensation. No big concerns over 'West Nile' this year since we seem to have run out of blue-jays and crows to carry the damn stuff. Been too dry till just last week for the little blood sucking bastards (the skeeters, not ambulance chasing lawyers) to mobilize and spawn.

The super saturn seems to have developed a slight oil leak. I have noticed the spotting at work where I have a regular spot and at the Manor on the CarPort pad. I never think to check the oil since the only time I think of it is after I've driven it and the engine block is still emitting Gamma Radiation. I did think to put in a quart after swimming lessons on Wednesday. The 2000 decibel racket quieted down quite a bit after that. I just need the car to last another two years or so. Then the Family Tank will be paid off and I can afford to take on more debt. Well, honestly I could afford to do so now, but at great cost to our retirement savings plan. Yeah, like my grandfather, I'm not counting on Social Security to be around when it comes time for me to collect. Now if I only lived in Alaska ... oil AND cash.

Thursday morning, the Sheriff came calling upon the manor ... at 0600. Rang the doorbell and immediately started the hounds off on a 5 minute howling/barking/cerebus fire-belching bender. That woke the Tyrants and you don't want to know what a difficult time they can make for the Parental Units of the Manor when they are prematurely woken from their coma-like slumber. Every step of the way, this 2 year old accident has been nothing but misery. I had asked the Sheriff to just leave the paperwork in the mail box like they did with the other two notices, but I guess they had to 'serve' the papers. No tip for that service, indeed.

This morning was ok. I stayed up much too late and I've been fighting a bit of a migraine for the last 3 days. Traffic was light so I have that blessing in the bag. The rain storm last night put up quite a light-show, but not much in the precipitation department. Good thing, even if it is a drought, I don't think we can handle much more water down here. I might have to swap the Family Tank for an Amphibious Unit.

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