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Friday, June 09, 2006



Well, the Mrs is much better now. She came home from work yesterday in the afternoon with a litany of complaints that were common to victims of radiation poisoning. Vomiting, headache, the runs, weakness. I took care of the kids in all the glory that is parenthood. Escorted them to the pool, fed them, entertained them, bathed them and got them to bed with little issue. I don't mind doing the heavy lifting, I just glad that the 'Bread Winner' is feeling better. As for my ego-puffing about the heavy lifting, I seem to have strained something in my left shoulder joint that day. Probably when I was catching the Tidal-Wave Twins when they were leaping into the pool. We had a good 45 minutes of time before lessons so there was a copious helping of that activity. Yesterday was karate and the Mrs had an appointment with our personal Physician; Dr Pam F. She proclaimed it an 'odd virus' and said that since it's over, it's over.

'Nuff said. By the time the poking and prodding was over, I had already fed, bathed and tucked the kids into bed. It was pizza night after all. One thing I have noticed is that when the kids are under the oppressive reign of the Mrs and I, they tend to sleep and eat better. I guess the 'no nap' and high physical activity level helps. I suppose I should start giving the kids 'chores'. I have a driveway full of wood that needs to be chopped.

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