White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Mow

Tuesday, June 06, 2006



Okay, I had to go to a client site yesterday for a 90 minute meeting. No big deal, their location is near the manor. More or less. To save time, I decided to take the Turnpike of Doom to US1 and be there in a flash. I gave myself quite a slice of time to do so and expected to have to sit for a while since I would arrive early. Ahhh, of mice and men, so goes that plan. So I jump out of my sensory deprivation chamber and rev up the SuperSaturn. Traffic is light and the jerk/ass-wipe to driver ratio is low so my mind starts to do it's thing. Drifting on the sea of disconnected thoughts. This is a bad habit of mine. I tend to go into auto-zombie mode when I am traveling to places I've been before. My mind goes on excursions by its own fruition, uninhibited, without explicit permission. It wanders down paths of disconnected thoughts, interrupted ideas and divergent concepts ... all incomplete and only marginally pertinent. Till I find that being lost in thought has migrated to being lost in geography. Yes, I missed my exit and did not even notice till I saw the sign stating: "Last Exit in Pennsylvania". ARGH! Back-track; get even more lost. This is not an area I visit much (read: ever at all) and the maps I have marks on them where the Red Coat encampments and Patrols are. In the end, I do a giant loop and end up back at the Turnpike going West to the US1 interchange. Thirty minutes late, but still the first one available for the meeting. I did blow a couple gallons of gasoline though ... a rather high price to pay for being addle-minded.

I ended up leaving the client site at 1615 ... by that time the worm-hole had collapsed and I was left to my own devices with regards to getting back to the manor. I thought it was going to be a lost cause (from my earlier experience) and alerted the Mrs that we may need to invoke the back-up plan 10 from outer space. Sans mormons though. For certain, some spark of genius came down from the ethers and wormed it's way into my head via the cell-phone and lead me to the Day Care/ReEducation Compound. I'm not sure how, but I made it in 30 minutes. I recognized nearly none of the roads I traveled and only survived by my wits and a 12 inch hunting knife on which I roasted the bloated bodies of wood grubs. Odd. Not the knife and grubs part, but the random-walk though which I managed to succeed in my endeavor. So I spend a butt-load (I'm getting my vocabulary from my daughter these days) of time with the kids before we go to Karate practice. Jake is performing perfectly and Alexis is mortified to be there. Roughly 30 minutes into the class, her angst evaporates and she begins to participate. Vacation is rough on her schedule. One thing to take note of, I ran into a woman who I had met at the Swimming Lessons. Odd in that I cannot remember her name. Eva, Anna, something of that sort. Her daughter was in the swimming lessons with my kids and I guess that my rave reviews of the class had enticed her. Now I have someone who I can talk to. She seems to like my reading selection and is a pro-nuclear power advocate. Ahhhh, like minds.

Oh, I did not mow the Amazon Upstart in the front expanse ... I'll pay for that decision later, in spades.

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